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Holy S**t! - A Lean Fedor?


I'm still in disbelief, but if this pic of Fedor training for the Strikeforce HW tourney is to be believed, he is looking lean and mean.

Always wondered how Fedor would perform if he cleaned up his diet.


Ho-ly shit. He's even scarier. And looking enormous.

Lean Fedor + that evil stare he has = Fear


How old is the picture cause you're definitely not training outside in stary oskol this time of year


What was his diet like before?


True. At first thought the pic was a fake - but I'm inclined to think it's real. Not sure what cutting that weight would do for him given that he's not restricted by weight classes and he's done okay without worrying about that. Improve his speed, mobilility maybe?


alright, someone needs to send this shit to big country, I think he could be an enormous 205 pounder if he took his diet a little more serious.


Exactly my first thought. It's probably like minus forty over there right now.


y? the lower the weight class the more skilled the fighter generally. He would get annihilated at 205. He'd be a slow LHW with ok stand up and good bjj.


He's been light enough to fight LHW. He walks around at 220something. He's a tiny heavyweight, and typical size for a LHW. With you logic, most of the LHWs should be able to beat most the HWs.


^Only if you subscribe to MMA-Math. Fedor beats most HWs, LHWs will beat him, so LHWs will beat most HWs.

Personally, I don't agree. I think he'd do fine in LHW div. Really his only weak point in that div would be his ground game.


How is that not sound reasoning? If a>b and b>c then a>c. That's basic logic.

Generally speaking technique and conditioning is better in the lighter weight classes, or I think it's more appropriate to say that as the fighters get lighter they are able to keep their technique up for longer in the fight. 145 pound guys tend to look crisper at the end up roung 3 than the HWs. I wouldn't say they have better technique, or are all that much faster(that's been debated here). But in general, since all these guys are in the same ball-park skill-wise power and size will trump a slight speed or technical advantage. Feder generates power that knocks down BIG HWs. My guess is he would to just as well against the LHWs. Back in Pride the weight classes were much bigger, and many of the guys who fight now as LHWs were guys we did fight, and beat back in PRIDE.


Remember the chuck, wand and page circle. More so in mma than any other sport, that .kind of logic rarely adds up.

Machida, page, evans.
To an extent, silva, chael, maia.

Still, your arguments for fedor are sound. One issue though is that those he fought that did move down, hammer house primarily, never faired too well. Still, he would absolutely hang with many 205 ers. Evans, shogun, page would get hurt. Lyoto has a great skillset for him though


i was talking about roy nelson


Hah woops. My apologies. Surfing the forums on my new phone is effing with me. Yes, I believe nelson would have a very hard time if he ever lost the 30 lbs or so of fat on him. Even assuming a speed and mobility increase, his striking can't make it at lhw


I said he would be enormous, which would be his major asset. Obviously he would be slower than the faster LHW's but he would still dwarf them and be able to make the weight with ease. As for the big guy, low skill set, that moronic comment has already been addressed. there are always speed guys, or muscle guys or guys with one punch power.

With the power, size and submissions he has, I see no reason why Nelson wouldnt have a succesful career at LHW. He is obviously too small to deal with most of the HW's. He outweighed JDS but was still way smaller. The idea that in that body he wouldnt get faster, quicker and even stronger from dieting to an easy 220 is absurd.


I'll guess that this pic is a few years old.


It's an old pic.


As if appearances have anything to do with it. As if he wasn't in shape the previous 30 fights. As if he will get BETTER as he gets older. This decade, I bet Fedor fights to a 6-3 record


Fudge guys! Really? Want to give Fedor a hummer while you're at it?

Nah just giving you shit.

Xen is right, this has to be an old picture. The promo shot footage show the same old Fedor, doing the same training. I'm not that impressed. I bought into the hype when Showtime brought him in, but I think he's been facing subpar competition for too long. I don't see him taking this tourney, and I really think there's only two (possibly three) top tier heavy weights. I'm talking Overeem and Barnett. That, by the way, is a match up i would kill to see!


Someone bought into the Zuffa machine.
What legitimizes the UFC's HW's
Cain blasting an old Nog (I guarantee most of that division KO's him now.)
Brock beating 45 yr old 220 pound Randy Couture?
The whole division sucks dude at least this tournie is trying to sort out who the best is.