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holy s__t

It’s difficult to say whether this actually belongs on the training/nutrition area. In any case, I was cruising around the Body For Life guestbook and chanced upon the following entry:

“W1D5-- I started BFL and had some embarassing problems at the gym. The Myoplex has been giving me the runs really bad since I started drinking it. I tested it on my dog and it has the same effect, but it drank 4 shakes worth of powder in one sitting. Anyways, while I was on the treadmill, my stomach exploded and made a mess on everything, even the exercise bikers behind me. They banned me from the gym for life and I owe a lot of $ for the messy treadmill. What should I do? Take all of my free days until I can afford a new gym?”

Frankly, I think this is the work of TC.

hoax or not myoplex makes you feel like barfing half the time. it’s so nasty.

Post a link, dude. I have to see this.

There certainly are some gems on there.

“I just have a question about lifting. I felt like I was lifting to much for what I felt comfortable with and I don?t want to bulk up. I thought that you should lift lighter weights to get the lean toned look, not heavy weights like the trainer was doing with me. Maybe I am wrong and that?s why I haven?t seen the results that I want so far in the challenge.”

Hmm, you think that’s why you haven’t seen any results?

I just want to beat some sense into these people.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by one BFL member. Her website was honestly invigorating, with a great deal of optimism and dedication. She’s lost over 50 lbs on the way down to 140. Very impressive.

… but then I stumbled across this post:

"im 230lbs and 23% bodyfat, i realise 1800 calories a day is a bit low even if im after major fatloss,but if i included l-glutamine and hmb in my plan would i preserve muscle,oh and please note i have one 5000 calorie freeday a week?

Don’t quite know what to make of it. I wonder if they bothered to read the book …?