Holy Moley, TRT has dialed in ! Now what?

I am interested in hearing from others about their experiences about the transition from Low-T life to being dialed in as it is a bit like night and day. I won’t post full labs as I am not looking for advice there just a brief history and onto my concern. 50 year old who had suffered most of the symptoms of Low T for the last 10 years. Extreme couch potato, social isolating (not returning phone calls, etc). Lost of interest in females, hobbies, health, etc, diagnosed as prediabetic with metabolic syndrom which a change in diet sorta helped. Last full physical I noticed that T was 174. Took it upon myself to research that this would be fine if my age was in my late Eighties! Approached Primary Doctor who is a GP and a great one. He prescribed Anddrogel which produced the WOW! response for a few days then went away. He upped it to 1.6% more potent Adrogel formula when the regular peaked at T level 300 or so. No improvement after that. I went to an anti aging clinic which then prescribed 1500 test cyp (1 injection weekly), HCG + B12 injections and Arimidex .5 twice a week. This is day 11 and I’m hoping it is not another WOW experience that will fade.

But now to the purpose of this post. I feel like I’m all dressed up with no place to go. That is, I feel “normal”. Spring in my step, better posture, libido back, more of a man of action. Instead of sitting on the couch contemplating to put something in the clothes hamper for a 2 hours, I just do it and see what I can do next. Less brooding and regaining an interest in my hobbies etc., The thing I am concerned about is mopping up the consequences of those too many Low T years. Pushed away friends, females, and family and was exhausted,disinterested, grumpy and isolating. Personality was non-competitive, brooding and passive.

So I am starting at age 50 trying but now able to “get a life”. I know it’s only 11 days and two reounds of treatment. I am more optimistic as I feel less like the wallflower socially hoping that someone will pull me out of the corner (or better yet silently praying that the event will be over so I can get back to the couch) to the one who pulls out others hiding in corners.

Question: Has anyone felt such a drastic turnaround? Is this just temporary? How’d you go about building a new “life”. Thanks for reading. New labs after my foth visit 2 weeks from now. Also thanks for all the posts that encouraged me to be agressive in seeking treatment.

Most importantly,

You need to NOT let other people’s judgement of your past actions haunt you. Remember, you might’ve done and felt differently in the past, but that has absolutely no bearing on what you can achieve and how you can feel going forward. You gave yourself a clean slate, you should expect other to do the same… and if they refuse, there is only one thing to do, accept it and move past and beyond that person.

Other than that, if you are primed to get into things, start with the small stuff. Note down a few things that have importance to you, and get involved. Most people, don’t need to be re-invited or re-approached, they just need to see for themselves who you are, and they will automatically be drawn, if you are of interest to them.

So basically, focus on yourself and on achieving what you think is fun and impressive to you, and the friends/social part of it will come naturally.

I know this sounds cliche, but you can’t change the past. You have a renewed zest for life and the energy and ability to live it. I lived as a diminished man for years; having no idea I was even diminished. My ailment claimed the better part of my late teens and twenties. When it was discovered and I began TRT, I would remember a passage from a poem by Max Ehrmann - Desiderata.

“But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.”

If you believe that your path is guided by a higher power, then you have been led to the here and now. (I believe) All the suffering had a purpose, so I try not to reflect back on how things “might have been”, and instead choose to focus on the present, and enjoy the ability to actually live life again.

I wish you the best of luck.

TRT is a tool in my opinion - the human body can live on low T . With higher T you have a tool to build bigger muscles and loose fat faster, IF you workout with weights and add cardio . T will allow you to make gains . T has been proven to defeat depression if you are low T.

Welcome to TNATION timbuk,
This site and the fraternity of trt brothers willing to help you on your journey will be a great motivator by itself. Here you will find new friends who understand what you are talking about because we’ve all been there. This journey is a marathon…not a sprint, so be ready for the ups and downs as you try to get everything dialed in. Don’t get disappointed if you are not getting results as quickly as someone else…you have the rest of your life to learn and adjust. I love to read the benefits of others on this journey and have posted mine on 2Bstrongers thread,

Being on trt has motivated me to stay in the gym, because I’m actually seeing positive results…staying in the gym has, in turn, made me healthier overall than I would be if I were just doing trt. It’s a positive cycle of motivation that will keep you going, but it doesn’t happen overnight so be patient. Congratulations on taking the first steps and keep us posted on your journey.