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Holy Mac...He's Huge!


how do you get so many hot chicks?


If he's not a vampire, I'm not really interested in his journey.


tons of MMF no doubt.


He's to "unfunctional" and "bulky and slow" as described by Yolked Up. Why would you want to know? Lol jk


lol. within a day you've made 3 "how do you train" threads, as well as sort through all the ct. rock stuff.


i was hoping to wait until i've put on another 20lbs and do a proper cut before someone thought to make a thread for me.

until then, i'd suggest lots of MMF, lots of food, lift heavy everyday unless you feel pooped out, and stop being so damn serious unless you're at a job that pays you to not be serious.

in the mean time, i'm always open to PM's about people looking to get a tad bigger, especially guys in a military enviornment, learning how to backtuck, and trying to get hot girls to take their clothes off and let you take pictures of them.


I'm not calming down until I get my own damn thread.


No offense to HM, he's a cool dude and all, but what's with the nut hugging today, Stringer? Why are you so damn interested in how other people train? I'd imagine that it has more to do with sheer determination and discipline than his routine. You know, people might be making threads asking you and how you train in a few years if you'd start worrying about how you train rather than how others train...

You get a lot more respect and you go farther worrying about your nuts rather someone elses ... i'm just sayin' ... it's time you let em drop

All this damn nut envy ... i'm going to eat some almonds


I need step-by-step instructions, with pictures. Please.


these how do you train/call out threads are getting a little over blown as of late.

obviously this is a troll

but i think HolyMac will eventually get his acknowledgment by one of these threads but i think it would be better if done by someone who is an outstanding member of the forum


I'd give him an HJ.


HM how do you do a back tuck? I looked online for tutorials but feel I'm to pussy to do it. Did you feel the same before doing it? Should I attempt to do it into water first?


uhh well, first you creep up behind one and you have your roomie take a picture of you making an awkward face...


and then you tell her you know GrowingBoy and LankyMofo and POOF


the turtorial by jujimufu is fantastic, i watched that shit at least 50x.

his advice is spot on. get a spotter. just get a spotter and do it on flat ground (i did it on a gymnastic tramp floor first)

don't do it into water first, or on a trampoline, or onto/off of mattresses. it'll change how you percieve your takeoff/landing. just do it on flat ground with a spotter you trust.

hell, come to 'bama and by the end of the weekend i'll have you doing a backtuck.

for specific techniques, check out my backflip thread, it talks about what i was told by the girl that taught me.



calm down. holymac is a big ass dude. this is a bodybuilding forum and as such learning about his training is interesting. he has made a lot of progress in a short time. same with alpha.

ct. rockula was just a piss take cos he says so much outlandish shit.

my own training is going well and is in check, new members arent always new trainers.

@ holymac, fair enough if you do not feel developed enough for such a thread...

mind saying what some of your bests lifts are?


And then you google a picture of a hot girl in pink. LOL


np man.

i do dumbell pinwheels with the 75lb dbs for about 10 each side.

side lateral's with the 35's for 3x8

i can leg curl the whole stack for like 10 reps

from a dead hang on the pullup bar, i can lift my knees to my chest and then rotate around backwards until i let go with my hands and do a flip.


lol really?


She actually looks like the same chick in picture #1.

But the more proof the better. Let's see 'em.


These pictures are missing something...YOU!