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Holy Long-Winded, Fatman!

Mad_Ducks Diet:
Short Term Goal (14-70 days)
205-198lbs @ 12-15%BF
V-Diet (lite) day 14:

I figured I’d post my V-Diet/HBT log. I didn’t want to be some wanker who posts his before pictures, decides it’s too hard and quits.
I’m almost at the halfway point, and last night I had a dream that I ate a can of totally watered-down French pea soup, and a bag of generic Oreos.

I was sooo disappointed that I would do something that asinine. I woke up and was equally pissed/disappointed with my self for getting half way there & doing something that dense… It took me about 5 minutes of beating myself up to realize I was still on the diet. Lack of carbs is definatly affecting my brain. I may need moral support now.

One of the problems that has cropped up for me as unbelievable as it seems is lack of appetite. I’ve calculated for 1300-1600cals, but the last 3 or 4 days, I’ve wanted to stop at about 900.

Prior to this I was breakfasting & lunching on whey shakes (no casein), I don’t know if it’s the Metabolic Drive that is making me ‘too full’, or what. I’ve tried 1/2 shakes, watering them more, freezing them, & recently tried cheating (2x) by trying to get more low-carb calories from:

day 9: subbing 10 frozen raspberries for the evening milled flax, day 12: added 1 egg to the 3rd shake. (today I think I’ll try 3 scoop shakes for the first 2 & drink 1/2 shakes up to quota)

Shugart might Shudder if he reads this paragraph:

This comes from a guy who 2 years ago would: Have a quad-espresso with sugar for breakfast, eat a really big meal at 8PM, have baked goods off & on after that untill 3 AM, Oh yeah, I laughed at the idea of eating salad. (it took up too much of the room that could be used for Meat & carbs.) The gallon of Coca-Cola a week might not have been a good idea either.

I tricked myself into starting the V-Diet on a Thursday, instead of waiting for some perfect Monday, and wouldn’t admit to myself until after the first day was over, that I had started it.

week 1 goal 1300-1600 cals ~ off/workdays
in week 1 I figured I was fat enough that a transition diet would worry my pregnant wife less & still be effective, so I had the shakes, minus 100-150 calories for the day and did the below

meal 1 Metabolic Drive,Flax,Salmon Oil,HOT-ROX
Meal 2 Metabolic Drive + 1 tsp instant coffee or cocoa powder
Meal 3 1/2Metabolic Drive, workout
Meal 4 1/2Metabolic Drive
Meal 5 double fistful of ‘leaves’ 2/3Tbs EVOO 1/3Tbs Balsamic
Meal 6 Metabolic Drive, Flax, Almond Butter

fluids: not counting shake contents, about 3L water/crystal light/white tea, soda water, double sugarless espresso, occasional diet coke - like twice so far. + 2L water on workout days.

week 2, had 2 salads this week, struggled to keep the calories UP to 1300-1600

Greens+ detox
BCAAs 5mg/ off day 5mg pre/ 5mg post workout
no Surge yet.
week 1 & 2 continue on creatine 5/mg day
week 3 creatine 5/mg workout days
week 4 0 creatine

side benefits of this diet:
going to bed about 3 hours earlier
thighs don’t rub while walking
less weight to squat/pull up
some sites have recommended I take 22.7 months to get to an ‘ideal’ weight/bodyfat; this program, about 42 days.
Who else gets to have 5 ‘Frappecinos’ a day?

I’m going to post progress pix at the end of the transition stage that will probably be worse than many other people’s before pix, but hey I figure I’ll have earned them.(no, not in RMP or anything). I may have to PM Handsome Rob topless before pix of me doing the Truffle Shuffle though, but that’s a side thing.


Many people are described as skinny-fat, little, but flaccid. I figure I could be grouped in the fit-fat category. I didn’t seem to have a problem, because I could do a lot of real cardio, endurance lifting and/or lifting ‘heavy’ without ever gassing. My RHR is 64 or less, so I wasn’t worried about that.
But then there was the bodyfat.

There was the realization that my acceleration/ability to catch the little zippy guys on the field was nil, (unless I could corner them, then they were dead) and getting worse.

I’m trying to look at the excess 40lbs of “stored potential energy”(fat) as resistance training for the past 8 or 9 years, but I’m definatly ready to shed it now, and surprise the living shit out of a number of the younger guys by next spring.

1991-94 distance cyclist 182cm tall (almost 6’) 144lbs in June, 135 by Aug
'94 soloed equivalent distance to the Tour de France in July: 4000km/24days -got the flu by day 20 averaged 30km/h
98-05 Lifted like a metro (sigh)
06-08 Daytime Dad, Eves & weekends - Freelance IT - peaked @ 34%BF
Jan/Feb 08 - multiple ankle sprains 2maj ~2?minor Went from 210# to 240# in September with nearly no lifting involved (Think it was all muscle? probably not.)

07-08 modified 5x5 2-4x a week depending on responsibilities:
My Default Routine
Workout ‘A’
A Squat 5x5
B1 Close-Grip Floor Press 5x5
B2 Bent Over BB Rows 5x5
C Deads 6-12 total reps ie: between 6xsingles/3x5, played by fatigue/the clock

post workout cardio
10-20 mins rope or treadmill or db snatches

Workout ‘B’
A1 Clean + Jerk/Press 5x3 (AFAP)
A2 Standing LPD or Pullups 5x3 (AHeavyAP) currently too fat for P/U’s, but can do 5xBW@205#
B Squats 5x5
C Snatch-Grip or RomanianDL’s 12-20 reps see ‘A’ examples, but about 20% lighter
cardio same

Currently - hating the intermediate HBT (But a good kind of hate! :^) specifically, planks, side bridges & lunges.

MUSINGS on v-diet/hbt workout:
workout A & B are about 70 to 80% of my ‘standard’ workout volume, workout C is 200% of my ususal. Is it structured this way deliberatly, or am I imbalanced.
I hope CW feels the voodoo needles I’m thought projecting at him during the above exercises.

STUPID things I have believed at one time or another:

140lb cyclist with a 5" tested vertical jump is in some way superior to someone who is 205, ripped, and ‘wasting’ 6 hours a day in a gym (1994)

weight lifter = olympic lifter = power lifter = bodybuilder = etc

Fitne$$ World wants you to get fit/healthy

Don’t work the biceps for bigger arms - I know - guilty - recently feels SHAME. I’ve just read a full quote that makes way more sense. but I’m still refining it for myself:
IIRC, “Unless you can do 8 dips and 5 chins, (or vice-versa) direct bicep work won’t produce gains as quickly as dips/chins will”

Hanging out with people who are fatter, or way tinier than you makes you neither thin NOR strong.

Mad_Duck Diet Log:

I started the diet on a Thursday, Scheduled 4 Cheat meals/28 days

Aim 1300-1600cal/day

Oct 9
236# 16" neck 44.5" waist 5’11.7"
Body Mass Index: 32.8 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.62
Percent Body Fat: 30.9%
Lean Body Mass: 162.4 Lb

You are overweight by 25.8 kilograms (56.8 pounds)
Minimum caloric requirements: 2309 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1962 calories per day to
*** lose 2.5 pounds per month.
*** Your diet should contain at least 89 grams of protein per day.

***I Call BS on the indent, but leave it in for a lark.
put a 1 in front of the protein requirements & I’m okay with that.
2 shakes AM
Turkey Breast Unmeasured ~10oz
Ham 5oz
Stuffing 1/4c
Roast Turnips, Beets, Sweet potatoes 1C
Sugarless Apple strudel 1cmx2cmx10cm
1/2 shake before bed
Oct 16 height 182cm/ 226#/ neck 16/ waist 43/ impedence = 28.9 BF%
Body Mass Index: 31.1 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.60
Percent Body Fat: 29.9%
Lean Body Mass: 158.3 Lb

You are overweight by 20.4 kilograms (44.9 pounds)
Minimum caloric requirements: 2333 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1983 calories per day
to lose 2.6 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 90 grams of protein per day.

1 shake AM
Brunch Protein Fat Carbs
6oz ribeye, 266c 34.5 14g
2 eggs, 200c 13.5 15g 1.5
1 organic lamb sausage, 85 8 5 2
3 slices bread & butter,160 4.5 2 30
salad & dressing, 15 1.5 3.5
strongbow, 43 3.5 5
roast potato. 75 1 1 11
800c 63gm 38gm 51.5gm 5gm
3x1/2 shakes PM
weight 221 neck 16" waist 41"
Body Mass Index: 30.3 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.57
Percent Body Fat: 26.9%
Lean Body Mass: 161.4 Lb

You are overweight by 17.9 kilograms (39.4 pounds)
Minimum caloric requirements: 2337 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1986 calories per day
to lose 2.6 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 90 grams of protein per day.
*** to date: 1lb LBM lost (I can live with that)
14# non-LBM (or for the totally math challenged, 1lb/day)
3.5 inches lost from waist.

Nov 1
6 - Back to some solid food.
20 Anabolic Diet Anyone?

Friggin’ Whups!
I was so busy reaching around behind myself for a pat on the back, that I misplaced a workout yesterday.

Did 5km uphill stroller push in the AM, & HBT A3 in the eve today.

Supersetted the D/Ls & Dips whilst waiting for tricep-pressdown-boy to finish his “set.” I didn’t bother pressuring him to “work in”, cause I was getting a perverse delight out of surreptitiously observing his 1x300? 20lb 2 Handed pressdown. (Were he ‘weak looking’ I wouldn’t have held him in contempt, but I’ve only got about 20lbs of BW on him). The Kettlebell I had hanging off the middle of our ‘long’ bar for the Deads got a really puzzled look from him though!
I banged through 9 strip sets of standing LPD’s. (I know, way inferior to real pull-ups, but I figure I’ll keep the Diet rolling for now, and get back to chins/pull-ups when I’m not “”“Starvinnnggg”"" whimper)

5 seconds into my first side-bridge, gimpy ankle/calf cramped like an SOB. After standing & stretching, I did those wonderful planks instead, and will try the bridges again in 2 days.

[quote]Mad_Duck wrote:
Mad_Duck Diet Log:[/quote]

Holy Long-Winded!

Why are you using this (http://www.scientificpsychic.com/fitness/diet.html) website? I guess I don’t quite understand this post.

[quote]pch2 wrote:
Mad_Duck wrote:
Mad_Duck Diet Log:

Holy Long-Winded!

Why are you using this (http://www.scientificpsychic.com/fitness/diet.html) website? I guess I don’t quite understand this post. [/quote]

I’ve been tracking most of my other physical measurements before dieting, but in the past I’ve had a tendency to sabotage myself when I see that my chest & arms shrink (even if it’s fat loss).

I’m far enough out of shape right now that the neck to waist to height ratio is a quick & cheap measurement thats accurate within about 2%. I’ll be picking up a fat caliper in the next couple of weeks, for more accurate results. Then I can Spot-Train ™ the fat away! jk.

It’s been just one of those weeks work-wise & truck wise that led to:

  1. a workout pushed back 2 days.

  2. one ‘cheat’ meal of the highest protein bar I could find in a 7-11 out in the sticks (I thought having a shake just before I left + 2 shakers for the road would be enough, but I was gone for 14 hrs the second day.)

  3. 12 hrs of driving in 2 days. work supplies + baby seats + truck repairs = logistic nightmare.

  4. installs & explanations for comp-u-tards.

  5. I’ve come to terms with the planks/bridges, but still despise Reverse Lunges.

  6. Due to Wed & Thurs. meals being all out of sync I plan to add day 29 to the V-Diet on Friday, (weigh-in on Sat) as an attempt at… (normalacy/stability?) if that means that I’ve come to accept 5 shakes a day at regular intervals as “NORMAL” <-- sorry about the shout, I haven’t figured out italic tags for this board.
    I really miss my heavy bag. (I do not mean my wife) I’d miss her too if she weren’t here) (have I CYA’d enough?)

the good for last week?

  1. Jade & Samson got to be pirates for Halloween.

  2. New shocks on the truck, went from a dune buggy to a luxury car.

  3. P/Ued a cheap 7’ bar on craigslist

  4. I did 4x10 Romanian Deadlifts with last month’s 4x3 Regular Dealift weight.

  5. Diet-wise I’m about 4lbs heavier than last week, but my waist is 1 1/2 inches thinner. (Proper protein, sticking with morning NEPA & lifting heavier seems to be successful - who’da thunk it?)

Is this the end of stage 1???
My wife has invited me for a HSM to celebrate the month (I love Cobb Salad - no dressing/non-breaded turkey breast)
so I figured I’d do some of the weigh-in details this morning, and have her take the rest of the measurements tomorrow morning.

Nov 7/08:
98kg (216lbs)
96cm waist (37.8")
41.5 cm neck (16 1/4")

Body Mass Index: 29.6 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.53
Percent Body Fat: 21.2%
Lean Body Mass: 77.2 Kg


Aug 22/2007 p90x’ed my way down to: 208lbs/25%BF/156LBM
Sep 3/2008 ate & strength-trained to: 241lbs/32%BF/164LBM
Nov 7/2008 V-Diet & HBT to: 216lbs/21%BF/171LBM

Transition & 1 month goals:
get waist-to-height ratio below .5 (90cm)
BF% hit 18%
Retain LBM

Transition Diet idea:
1 1/2 solid meals + shakes up to 1450-1750cals
(aims: 200g protein. fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil & eggs. carbs to top-up from green, fibrous veggies) + maltodextrin & whey PWO. 1x whole wheat tortilla or multi-grain bagel 2x a week.

NO PASTRY, NO ‘Real’ PIZZA - not a single slice. nothing DEEP FRIED. [If imhungry is reading this & decides to post a pic, I will find you, I will drive to your house and beat you. I will beat you to within an inch of your life with… a HERRING!]

Sample diet for week 1:
HOT-ROX (taper off), Flameoutx3, NEPA
2 egg omelet, veggies, pinch of Parmesan.
1/2 shake
1/2 shake, Flameout, BCAA
leaves & seeds, 2-4 oz of some kind of loin/fish/poultry, steamed veggies
shake + dozen almonds/pecans/walnuts

Exercise ideas:
I’ll stick with the Transition HBT longer than my ‘I donwanna’ mindset was initially ready for. The single reason being my difference in Lean body mass.

Aug 2007 to Sept 2008: +8lbs LBM
Oct 2008 to Nov 2008: +7lbs LBM

Does anyone have contributions on how to transition out of the transition stage. My goals would be: [continue to add LBM, increase power/explosiveness, get a faster 2 mile time, retain strength] in that order.

[Please don’t suggest 5x5 or 3x5 or 5x3 full body, as that’s been what I’ve been doing for a while before this, and it could make my mind snap]

I realize that they probably don’t exactly coincide with my current aims, but I’ve been intrigued by both EC’s Maximum Strength or WS4SB, or would I be best going to something I’ve never done before like a 10x10 bodypart split?

Also, I don’t crave sugar/sweets/salts or soft-drinks, but If you’ve guessed from my last post, the baked bread product hunger is still going strong. will it ever go away?

The transition diet has been remarkably easy seeming. 2 days of moderately high carbs - but relatively clean ones (sweet potato, a multigrain bagel)

On the I wish SOMEONE had told me front, why is it that I get to day 38 of a 42 day diet before reading about how reduced carb diets may-friggin-may lead to reduced libido?

I have been logging workout stats (7 impromptu workouts in the last 12 days) in my little red notebook. I admit to getting burnt out after completing CW’s HBT for the 28 days, and started to get into my irritable/injury prone zone, so I backed off.
The workout series did work well enough at adding lean mass, that after I’ve gotten the goofing around in the gym out of my system (prob 4 more workouts) I’ll repeat the original series (with increased weight of course)

re the goofing around in the gym, I snatched the 55# Kettlebell 10x a side today. The KB seems so much more unwieldy than a heavier Dumbbell, that when it’s overhead it has my undivided focus.