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Holy Hell My Wheels Are Flat!


ok, i got in a car wreck 2 1/2 years ago, breaking my back in 2 places, so since then i had been extremely afraid to do squats cuz i thought it might hurt my back. well i talked to my phys therapist and she said to do them so strengthen my legs and back. keep in mind i used to be able to squat 360 about 5 times. so tuesday i throw 2 45s on each side thinkin it would be cake. i could barely pump out one. so i take one 45 off each side and throw on 25's instead. i barely pumped out 10, did 3 sets. im STILL sore! whooo i got some work to do!


Hey, look on the bright side, you can still use you legs. Think about what could have happened.


This is very true. Dont worry, you clearly know what you're doing. You'll be makin good progress in no time.


I agree with this right here. You were lucky. Count your blessing, and thank your stars that you can walk at all.

Rehab is a bitch, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.


yes i definitely agree, i thank God every night for still bein able to walk. im just still in shock about the strength loss tho lol...


Well, that happens. But strength will come back with regular training, so don't be too down and don't try to do too much too soon either. Best of luck.


You never appreciate something till it aint there anymore...good thing you lived through the accident. There are many who fare much worse.

the strength will come back!! You know this...just keep working.


Your strength will probably come back quickly. I have found it is much easier to regain strength, to get your numbers back where they once were then it is to make the gains for the first time.

Good luck.