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Holy Hell Batman, Prof X is Huge!


Seriously, you are huge. I know im only new but ive used the site for quite a while but really you do inspire a lot of us. No kiss ass here just praise, buddy.

Wicked, saw that new avatar and jesus fucking christ thats awesome, i dont know whether u compete or whatever but u should.

Anywayz enough, just seriously appreciate the advice, abuse and inspiration, keep it coming.


He ain't small


Every time this happens he cans the avatar.


should i delete it then


I don't think anyone cares.




Lol you dork.






EDIT: Dammit


BOTH...with eggs and bacon


isnt that bob sapp on his avatar?


I'm tired of this shit. Anybody can make pancakes or waffles well, but it takes an artist to make french toast.


Cheese eating surrender monkey.


mmmm soda bread


Fine. Freedom Toast.






Always been a far of Scones myself,... just the artist in me, hanging out in cafes with my espresso and sketch pad -lol



PANKAKKAS!!! F*CK YOU waffle munchers. I would wipe my a$$ with your waffle and then cover it up with whip cream and strawberrys.