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holy food...

I just started mag-10 and massive eating, this is the first time I have ever eaten this much food, holy crap…literally. I feel so bloated all the time, I am eating 40-40-30 like Beradi reccomends, how long does it take for the stomach to adjust? Its only noon hahah and I have eaten more than my roomate eats all day. What kind of muscle to fat ratio gain can I expect with the use of mag-10, I have been basically on a lifetime cutting cycle eating about 2300 cals a day, I am 180, 6 foot 10%bf

I forgot to say I am eating 4000-4500 cals a day.

Massive Eating is NOT a good program to use while on Mag-10…too much fat. You should be getting the bulk of your calories from protein (~2g/lb of LBM) and carbs (2.5g/lb of LBM).

it usually takes most of my clients about 3 days before theit bodies adjust. then they become hungry all the time.