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Holy Effing PIP


Hey everybody. I started a test e and dianabol cycle. I have 500 mg/ml of test e. I'm taking 250 mg every three days and holy crap have I never experienced being hobbled up like this. I injected into my quad and four days later I'm still stiff as a board. I'm injecting into my quads for now. I checked the BA percentage and it's 2%. I'm assuming this is what is causing it. I do not believe it's an infection because I have no redness, fever, or edema. Just a crippling amount of pain.

Today was my next injection and I did my other quad to see if I may have hit the lymphatic system first time. I know that's rare for a quad injection but the swelling resembled it. Anyways, now my other quad is reacting the same way. I think it might be high BA so I ordered some sterile cottonseed oil to dilute it. Now I just need to know the best way of getting the two oils into the same syringe safely. If any much more experienced users have any idea about the pain I would greatly appreciate any knowledge and experience you have to share.



you’ll have to explain your pinning technique, size of needle, guage, length, etc. Some people don’t handle quads too well, try another muscle group. 2 % BA is the norm. If you’re doing everything right and it’s a virgin muscle then yes some soreness is expected.


First off, 500mg/ml is an extremely high concentrated brew. You shouldn’t have even touched it if you worrying about a little PIP. I did a cycle of EQ that was dosed at 500mg/ml and god that shit felt like a horse kicked me in every site I injected. Warming up the oil prior to injecting makes a big difference, try it out. Also you should state your needle size and gauge, it might be other factors if you’re relatively new to this.


I’m using a 23g 1.5" for pinning and I’m injecting about two thirds up my quad. I pull the skin tight and pin it fairly quickly I think. I don’t bury the needle all the way but most of it is easily in there. I mirowave some water in a mug and then put the vial in the mug to warm the oil first. I don’t submerge the vial as well. I draw back a bit to check for blood and if is good I inject slow until it’s all gone.

Slow is about twenty seconds the first time and just a little longer the last time. I figured this was going to hurt and I wanted 250 per ml but this was all I could get. This isn’t exactly a little pip either. It’s more like the horse kick. Is the cotton seed a no go??

If I mix the test 1:1 with the cottonseed then I would get a 250mg/ml if I’m shooting 250 at half a ml without the diluting right? I’ll try a glute shot next. I have some 25g 1.5 on the way but I don’t think the needle is the problem really. Barely fell it going in.