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Holy Dbol


Ive been training a guy who just started his first cycle. 500 mg test e for ten weeks with 2 week dbol kickstart (he would not shut the hell up about dbol so i said fuck it, throw it in).

Hes running a low dosage of 20 mg a day, hes been on it for 5 days and is up 14 pounds. I know its virtually all water, but holy shit, the visual difference is crazy. He literally cannot go anywhere without girls commenting on how much bigger hes gotten.

Had no idea this stuff kicked in that hard, that fast, at such a low dosage.


Arem, is he 14LB's up five days into his first cycle?

That is good going-Is he eating a lot of carbs? Is there anyway the test could be Prop and not Enan?

Either way thats a good start...


20mg a day...for 5 days...up 14 lbs.

Sorry, scale is broken. Before anyone says that's possible by referencing some anomaly, I am saying it's not possible.


Without knowing more details you cant say its not possible.

Your level of ignorance is not surprising at this point.


I believe some people are more sensitive/responsive to steroids than others are, and the individuals first cycle, especially if it is well designed and properly executed (adequate calories and proper rest and training etc) is usually the one they get the most 'miles' out of.

I also wondered if the Dbol tabs were 10mg and were mistaken for 5mg so he is on 40mg ED 'accidently'.

Arem-can we have a few more details please- When you said its mainly water is that a kind way of you saying he is bloated?


did he start his bulk on a fast and weighed in the morning?

If for example he was on really low carb diet and near at the end of a long cut and weighed in morning I could see him putting on that type of 'weight' that quickly with carb loading and eating a lot.


Instead of quoting everyone Ill just respond to everything in general.

We weigh at the gym post practice, post lifting, pre meal. Same time, every day. High carb, high protein, lower fat diet. His diet isnt broken down into individual meal macros but hes a smart guy with a sound understanding of nutrition and cranked up his intake for the cycle, nothing ridiculous though, hes probably packing down about 4000 kcals a day. He wasn't fasting before the cycle in fact he was bulking in preparation for it.

First cycle, its enth for sure, not prop. Scale isnt broken unless everyone's eyes are too. To quote a sisters friend "XYZ got really hot all of a sudden". Used same scale for past 9 months, its a mechanical scale the kind which you see in the doctor's office. Sorry Toby but the scale isnt broken.

First cycle for him, dbol is 10 mg per pill.

And as far as my water weight comment, he doesn't have noticeable puffiness in his face or look unhealthily bloated, just fuller.

He gained another 3 pounds over the past two days. Its really a fucking shame I didnt take some decent precycle pics of him to get a full comparison when hes done.


well dbol is serious shit

but that much weight in that little time is crazy..must have been packing the food away like a boss


Yeah, hes a flanker in rugby though so his calorie intake is normally fairly high due to training. im very interested to see what will happen when he drops the dbol.


Good going :wink: