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Holy Crap! Where's Kliplemet?


So what ever happened to Kliplemet? Did the Nigerian pimps finally wack him? Maybe Ninjas??




Nah. He was from Europe if memory serves me. He is a power lifter always talking about gangs and prostitutes. Real good friends with Rockscar (just kidding Rock).


Did a quick search and his avatar name has changed to a bunch of numbers???

(insert x files theme song here)



And a March 2009 member would know this because?


LOL... Wierd.

That guy was either a right badass or full of shit. I generally tend to lean towards the latter.


The plot thickens...


just read some of that thread...

That thread is perfect! Watch out for FAT BITCH!


I think he was full of shit too. But the boy could lift.