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Holy Crap, Killing Myself

Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster…

I think I’ve misinterpreted how to setup a HSS-100 program. I’ve tried what I have for a week and what I have is impossible, or at least inhuman.

The way I interpreted the program to be setup is that, for each muscle group, I use the template geared completely toward one group. Now, I lumped Hams in with Quads since I don’t have the luxury of training on weekends. So 5 days a week is out.

Here’s an example of a Quads/Hams day:

Heavy - Back Squat (4-5 sets x 6-8)
Superset - Leg Extensions (3 x 10-12)
- Leg Presses (3 x 8-10)
Special - One Leg Squat (3 x 10-12)
100 - Light Leg Ext. or Lunges (1 x 100)

Hams: (same sets and reps layout as above)
Heavy - Romanian Deads
Superset - Seated Ham Curls
- Good Mornings
Special - One Leg/Loaded Hyper Ext.
100 - Reg Laying Ham Curls

This is all one day? The rest of my workouts look similar to this layout. (Back/Traps, Chest/Shoulders, Biceps/Tricep) The volume and number of compounds makes it humanly impossible not to overtrain/burnout or get it done in less that a few hours. I’d be stupid to think I’ve got this right. I’m guessing combining the two groups into ONE template would be the way to go? Maybe I’m just a wuss and have to suck it up and train harder?

Some background info. I’m 23, 5’9"-ish, and a measly 152 pounds. (Though you would never know it by looking at me)

My current PB’s: (I haven’t tested for new ones in a while)

Bench: 250 x 6
Squat: 345 x 10
Deads: 295 x 4

Not the greatest, but not bad considering my bodyweight. This summer I’m going to eat 3500+ Cals a day, 200+ grams of protein, and I’m trying a big supplementation run of protein, amino acids, and creatine. I’d love to make the most of it and put on as much mass and strength as possible.

Could anyone out there maybe help me with this program or perhaps point me toward a program that would doubtlessly work? Maybe one of the pro’s could chime in? I myself do personal training, but helping noobs is easier than blasting your own plateus. I only wish there were a professional to help me in my town. (Hicksville, Northeastern Ontario, Canada)

Well, it all depends on your own personal tolerance towards volume.

I myself have no problem both tolerating, and making gains from doing 2 bodyparts in one workout using the HSS-100 template for both bodyparts.

However, Thib himself has said that a majority of trainees shouldn’t use the HSS-100 template for both bodyparts in one workout.

So, for instance, if you’re combining Chest and Shoulders, use HSS-100 for your chest workout, and then just perform 2-3 basic shoulder exercises to finish off your shoulders, due to the amount of work your shoulders performed during the chest work.