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Holy Crap: Kai Greene


For the record, I was never that much of a Kai Greene fan.
But this video has changed all that.
The size is incredible.
But most impressive to me: the way the man moves. He does not lumber around like his muscles are so frickin' tight....he is the epitome of agile and smoothness. At that size, to move like that, is simply too much.
The guy looks bigger than he has ever been.


The dude really does have a great physique.


Awesome vid, thanks for posting.

I honestly still believe Heath should have won last year. I hope he takes home 1st this time around.


Haha that announcer was wearing a pink suit.




ehhh... nonfunctional


He looks like he will take the ny pro with huh probably placing top 3 with cedric or burneika(can't remember which one was planning to do a europa show)


very ,VERY smooth&coordination!
btw,imo (wonderfull) Kai size doesn't matter,my two euros that Kai was so coordinated when he was a 150lb boy,
BUT this is an evidence that adding (A LOT OF )size don't force you to become a sloth LOL
(cfr. also NFL linemen an bobsleigh pushers....)


Is he an anomaly as far as being that big AND athletic? I am amazed at how fluid his motions are, almost like a gymnast. That handstand was incredible.


Looks like he was functioning pretty well to me, lol.


I didn't want to like it. Holy crap he's huge.


well, how many WELL coordinated guys become MASSIVE like Kai?
enother example of dynamicity was Glass???? (way smaller than Kai,btw)


His posing is so gay


As far as the first video is concerned, are there any ideas as to where he is in the show ready/ offseason spectrum? He is obviously a few weeks away from competition at least, but is he at his heaviest here or on his way down to show weight? Just curious, and no penalties for completely guessing.


HAHAHAHA did anyone catch WHERE he was guest-posing?

The Vancouver NATURAL bbing championships !

Fucking awesome hahaha


Anomaly in the sense that there aren't many like him, sure.

But he's been doing the whole dancing thing for years, since before he got anywhere close to this size, and he never stopped doing it. He likely had an easier time doing all that when he was smaller, but you know... You want to be good at something you'll have to actually do it (if possible).

Antoine Vaillant is another one who comes to mind with his tricking.

I guess most just don't bother with anything like that. Ronnie could do/can do splits etc...
Charles Glass was mentioned, yep, he kept doing handstands and stuff throughout his career...
Holymac learned the how to backflip AFTER getting rather big esp. by T-Nation standards.

Might just be a matter of actually doing it.
I can't see Markus Ruehl doing this sort of thing mostly because (to the best of my knowledge) he's never bothered trying in the first place, not now and not back when he was smaller.
He used to play soccer though... Got injured and that's why he ended up in the gym in the first place, I guess he stopped playing after that (not sure).

I do know several local enhanced guys who still play basketball or soccer once or twice a week together weighing anywhere from 240 to 280 or so...
Maybe not ideal, but they never stopped doing it while getting big.


The only thing better than his physique is listening to him speak. I think whether you're a bodybuilder wannabe or not everyone can learn something from him. If you took his passion and applied it to anything in your life you would probably end up one successful mother fucker.


There are quite a few people (including some really cool guys actually) who hate the way he talks for various reasons...

Guess he's one of those who people either love or hate and not much in-between...


I'll assume you're talking about me here.... but I dont like the way he talks at all. His physique is ridiculous, thats a given, but when he talks its meeeh


^he said cool greg