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Holy Crap: Damien Walters, Free Runner


I would say that that guy is fairly impressive.


WOW! Great display of some really awesome athleticism!








that's a good one.


exact same reaction i had.


The Prince of Persia has escaped from videogame land (the first guy)


Ya'll do realize that a good portion of that first vid is computer enhanced, right?


I like to believe that the slow-motion bits were caused by liquid awesome being secreted from that guys pores when he flipped.


What's he squat?


Damien and his "protege" did stunts for Kick-Ass.



Cool stuff.


Yes, if I recall correctly they used the same CGI technology as Avatar.


Not so secret confession. I like free running as a concept and really admire the originators like David Belle, but as a phenomenon I loathe it. It's the same as tricking. You're a dorky kid looking for an alternative physical activity, you go to the gymnastics gym, you teach yourself to do some flips and you jump around foam blocks. You're cocky as hell, think you're the business, being able to do this seemingly sick shit and posting your highlight reels on youtube. But really, you're not half as skilled or as disciplined as the gymnasts around you and you're annoying the hell out of some of them.

I say this because I used to do some of that stuff, but started learning from gymnasts and realized their discipline and attention to detail made what they were doing much more badass.

It's kind of like being one of those folks that clean and jerks 135 for 30 reps. Suddenly you're the hot shit. But if you went to a gym filled with Oly lifters with that attitude, you'd be getting on everyone's nerves.




Doesn't look it, what's been modified?


Is this a serious question? Any time the bottoms of someones feet are over 8' off the ground or he's jumping backwards over 5' blocks while the laws of physics should dictate that his momentum would carry him in the opposite direction you can be relatively certain that it's "fake". A lot of what he did is really impressive, but even more of it was altered.


Um... pretty much all of those cases in this video are wall jumps or on a trampoline...

that one backwards just thing is the only one that stood out to me..


So basically he should have his own series of movies, like Jackie Chan.