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Holy &@$#: Check Out This Exercise


Check this lift out. It's a safety squat bar good-morning + conventional DL hybrid. The bys call it an "Ox lift." Maybe it is old news, but it's the first time I've ever seen it and my back hurts already just having watched it.


Metal gym does these, except they use their "kill" bar so that they dont have to balance the ssb.


Big and strong guy doing stupid shit...

Small and weak guy doing stupid shit:


Holy shit that is one multi-tasking dude. With fricking bands, no less.

btw, what European langugage are they speaking?


"Dangerous. Ha! Danger is my middle name! I'm Kyle Pounds bitch!"

Ha ha!


oh god, my spine hurts just watching that.

but the ox lift looks pretty tough.


you wanna try this shit out next time i see you in the rec? lol


They are from Finland, land of the big deadlifts


See if it'll be hardcore enough to set off the lunk alarm. haha


Haha, like rrjc said, we should do it at planet fitness.



doubt they even posess the resources to even make it a possiblity