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CNN has holograms!


‘Yellin explained to viewers that her body was actually still in Chicago, with 35 cameras filming her inside a special tent.’

35 Cameras and a magic tent? Bloody hell.

I admit, it was pretty cool. but sometimes doesn’t it seem like CNN uses special effects for the sole purpose of having special effects? Those floating 3D graphs, touch screens and now holograms?

They’re starting to become the news equivalent of the new Star Wars movies.

but I guess, whatever gets people interested in politics. I’m a Poli Sci major, and I’ll admit, sometimes it can be pretty dry…

A hologram? That’s awesome. Did it look real? You have a link by the way?

it looked like a somewhat shaky greenscreen job. still very cool, i’ll look for a link


Here you go. It just discusses the technology, not whatever she was reporting about (Spoiler alert. Obama won…)

Sorry, not really a hologram. Cool though. But Wolf Blitzer can’t actually see her, it’s combined digitally. A hologram would be projected in the air so he could see her. Holograms of a human would require a laser with like a 6 foot diameter or whatever, so we’re not quite there yet.

I am going to chalk it up to do whatever you can do to get someone to watch yet another news program.

My local news actually did a spot on it the other day… Do I really need to hear news about another news show?

It would have been impressive had it been something that Blitzer could have seen, and without him seeing it, kind of takes away from the point, IMO.

To go through all that trouble why can’t we just split screen the damn thing?

or as Jon Stewart said, just put her up on one of those 10ft tall HD Plasma screens behind him. If she wasn’t actually projected and visible in the newsroom, there was no point to that

Wait, are you saying it’s not projected in the air but somehov edited digitally? Was she even visible in the room?

[quote]shoo wrote:
Wait, are you saying it’s not projected in the air but somehov edited digitally? Was she even visible in the room?[/quote]

No, she was not, it was not a hologram it was a shitty, grainy greenscreen lookin’ piece of crap.

The daily show hit the nail on the head.

That was lame. Lol at the comments on youtube “cnn is the future”