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hollywood microcycle

i just have a question regarding this program: should any training be done in between the four day gap between workouts, or should this just primarily be a rest period? anyone else tried this program?

Don Alessi recommends the following split when using that program (thank Hyphnz for this): Monday - Hollywood microcycle (while you’re fresh). Tuesday - Seated rope row to neck program & biceps. Wednesday - off. Thursday - Squat and lunge or split squat 20-24 sets total. Friday - Muscle snatch & arms. Saturday - off. Sunday - Repeat day 1. Repeat for 4 weeks.

Do you mean the bone “cracking bench” seated rope program or the other one featured in booming biceps part 2? When do you work chest during the week, if the booming biceps part 2 program is applicable?

The program that I listed is if you plan on using the programs from “Booming Biceps” parts I and II. I’m sure you could use the chest program, but I would contact Don and ask him how to incorporate that into the workout.

I have just finished week 2 of a booming biceps program based on further info from Don Alessi, it is a combination of articles 1&2 based on no glute problems(trundelburg (sp)test from art.1). If you drop me a line at hotmail then I will forward the program for you to look at,it’s on word. I am enjoying the program and rear delt/upper traps feel stronger already.