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Holloween Costume for Girls who Put On a Lot of Makeup


A girl who applies makeup all the time should just NOT put on any for Holloween so she can "wear" her true face as costume. Since she puts makeup on so often, the makeup has become the real face, where the lack of it becomes the mask. She can then attend a party where everyone is nude and with no makeup on. It will be ...one of those situations where what is NOT is what is, and what is lacking is what is present.




Flawless victory.



This thread is lame


Makes sense to me. I'm gonna use this line of reasoning when my GF and I have sex tonight and she insists I wear a condom. I'll just tell her that it's Halloween and since when I fuck her my dick is always bagged up, tonight it will only fuck in its costume, namely a bare-skinned cock. She fucking loves Halloween so she should understand.


LMAO. That response is genius in its simplicity


I thought this thread was Halloween Costumes for Girls who Put out, I've been mislead.


Haha, that's what I thought too.


You appear to have a sweet jungle rump. We should hang out.