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Holloway Kattar

Holloway, after Kattar said he was the senior and Holloway was the freshman in boxing, tore Kattar up, landing 141 significant strikes in round 4, and over 400 significant strikes overall, and eventually screamed at the commentators, looking them full on, “I’m the best boxer in the UFC” landing a no look hard punch mid-sentence, slipping the first counter no-look and slipping 4 more immediately. Yelled “The freshman came to play” afterwards too. It was, dare I say, very Ali-like. Kattar showed unbelievable toughness, too.

Anyway, I’m sure most people saw, but for those who haven’t - definitely a hell of a performance. Assuming Volkanovski wins his next match, Dana hinted at Holloway getting another title shot. He deserves it.

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I literally just finished watching this on Fightpass.

It crazy to think Max has been fighting at the highest level for 10 years and he is just now coming into his prime. He was already such a high level striker, for him to find another whole gear is astounding. And to top it all off he is staying in Abu Dhabi an extra week in case someone drops out of McGregor vs. Porier 2.

Mad props to Kattar. Even though he got outmanouvered, outgunned, and outclassed at every turn he never broke and looked for the kill whenever he could.

Volkanovski better be ready for a busy 2021, he is going to have his hands full with the top 5 at featherweight.

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Holloway’s performance was unreal. He was Anderson Silva-like in the 5th round talking to the commentary team while somehow slipping Kattar’s punches and landing his own.

Casuals might get annoyed from this, but I really want to see Volk-Holloway 3.

As for Kattar… I really hope this doesn’t severely damage his chin. Dude is super dangerous and still a top FW. Can’t wait to see both of these guys again.

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Fantastic fight!
I am all for Max and can’t wait to see him again vs Volkanovski. He should have won back the belt last time, but ok, this way is gonna be more interesting :slight_smile:

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Yup, glad to see people feel the same way as me - no matter how you feel about how the first 2 fights went with Volk (and that 2nd one I wasn’t too keen on) - Max has earned that trilogy.

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Just now?

I wouldn’t say that. But what is crazy is that he is only 29 and if he doesn’t get injured might have many years left at this level.

He said that but that idea got shut down real quick by UFC brass.

Yeah. Well I see him easily dismantling Ortega. Then I see a third fight against Max. I personally have them 1 for 1. Think Max won the second one.

I don’t see anyone in the top 5 giving Volko any trouble at all except Max.

Well, if I am not mistaking, even Khabib stated Max is coming in his prime now.