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Hollow Leg Syndrome

…or how I just can’t eat enough.

I’ve been on a moderate bulking cycle, slowly worked up to 4000 kcal over 3-4 weeks, been at it for 2 weeks, and had been planning to up it again. But lately I’ve been hungry. Not just hungry, REALLY hungry, not the kind expected after 4000 kcals!! I’ve been doing West Side for SB’s at 210lbs with about 15% BF (6’3). I’ve liked the program, just about done it now, numbers have gone up, but I’m not sure if it’s through ‘true’ strength improvements, or finally really trying to toss around some bigger weights (you can debate what ‘true’ is anyway, either way i’m movin’ more!). Anyway, I was wondering if other people get this response from their body after staying at high kcals for a while. And how do you combat it? Did you drop your intake for a couple days to trick your body, then bump it right back up, or do a slow and steady increase? I plan on bulking for most of the winter, but I’d rather not eat 5-6000 kcal/day by the end of it if I don’t have to (though if I have to I will). So, any thoughts? BTW, diet in order, P/F/C of 40/20/40, about 1000 kcal in liquid form (700 on off days, no Surge), get in my EFA’s etc. Thanks guy’s.
Oh, in case anyone was wondering, I’m an idiot and only started monitoring my weight last week…