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Holland! Braizer-Holland Bodybuilding Log

hi guys, i already was reading this great site for 3-4 years.

In the beginning of weightlifting i made the same mistake like many of us did. Chest/Bicep…
I did it for 2 years… eating was not optimal,some alcohol… you know it. I was 18 tot 20 years then.

Then i switched gym(more nearer to my house) and worked out for 1 year… Still worked out like shit but after 6 months i got more into reading forums,articles from different websites.
I started to traing some legs,back into it. It took a while but i made a little bit of progression.

After that year i had enough of that gym and was looking of a new gym where you can train seriously. A new gym openend and i got there from november 2008. My training and diet was a lot better after 1 year i made some decent progress. My mind muscle connection got better and better.

Then it 2008 was turning into 2009. My goals were clear, NOW was the real time to eat lots of food,traing harder,no more fooling around. In this 6 months i made the best progression i had! strength went up(still weak)every week i got stronger and more reps. Finally i had it, and there is no turning back now :wink:

SOOOOOoooo here is my training log! hope you enjoy, will post some pics this week and keep ya updated every single workout.

weight 107 kg bodyfat: too much!!

Aha, another from Holland. Where do you train?

training split: 4 day 2 on-1off-2on -weekend off

Im now focusing on 3/4 sets from 5 tot 8 reps. I get stronger(or less weaker :wink: ) every workout, more reps/or more weight.

strong(less weak) points: legs,back,triceps weaker points: bicep,shoulder

Monday: Back pulldown,t-bar-seated cable row(shoulder width),machine shrugs
Tuesday: Chest weighted pushups,cable fly,weighted incline pushups
Thursday:Legs hack squat machine,lying leg curl,waking db lunges(1 every 2 weeks)
Friday: Shoulder/Arms close grip machine press,cable side raises,ez curl,hammer curl a ez curl,close grip pushdown

some stats:
Back: Pulldown 3x6@75 kg
T-bar: 3x6-8@75 kg(ex barbell)
Seated cable row(shoulder width grip) 3x5@90 kg
Rack pulls 1x@160 kg
Chest: Weighted pushups 3x8@15 kg
Cable fly 3x6@40 kg(each side)
incline pushups 3x6@15 kg
Legs: Hack squat machine 3x6@130 kg
Lying leg curl 3x6-8@35 kg
walking db lunges 4times 18 steps@16 kg(each hand)
Seated calve raise 3x6@95 kg
leg press 400kg 3x12-10-10

mil press(70kg 1x3 max)
db side raises 1x12@12 kg
close grip seated machine press: 3x6@90 kg 1x4@95 kg
Close grip pushdown 3x6@74 kg
DB hammer curl 3x8@20 kg
ez curl bar 35 kg(ex bar)

Here are some starting weights from this year:
t-bar(march) 50 kg now 75,
leg press(januari) 250 now 400 kg.
ez curl(april) 10 kg now 17.5 kg each side
close grippushdown (february) 40 kg now 74 kg
Hack squat machine (januari) 80 kg now 130 kg
rack pulls(januari) 130 kg 1x now 160 kg 1x

My goals are: 160 kg hack squat around september 2009. EZ curl bar 20 kg each side eind of july. and 100 kg t-bar row at the end of this year. also end of this year 5 strict pullups!!

[quote]Tatsu wrote:
Aha, another from Holland. Where do you train?[/quote]

Purmerend(near amsterdam) back 2 basic gym www.back2basicpurmerend.nl

monday week 3 BACK

did’t sleep that long , only 6 hours, but the training was ok.

Pulldown 3x5 @75 kg
t-bar row 2x5@80 kg 2x6@80 kg
seated cable row 4x6@90 kg (strict form)

Today i have a extra restday. tomorrow some legs or chest.

legs felt good and bicep were already good from the friday training.


Hack squat 3x6@135kg!!
lying leg curl 3x8-6@30-31-32 kg
ez curl 35 kg ex bar @3x8-6
Seated calve raise builded it up to 90kg@1x10 100 kg!!! 1x6!!
DB hammer curl 3x10-8@20 kg

nice training and good progression again :wink: