Holla if ya HATE V-day

How many t-folk hate Valentines Day?

If I don’t have a date for Valentines day, then it sucks! Otherwise, hurray for Valentines Day!

I’m gonna sit at home by myself, so Valentines day sucks.

I was born nine months after Valentine’s Day, so I’m kind of glad it’s around.

Its just like any other day.

Way back in the Roman days, Valentines day was a day of orgies, debauchery, and generally just a good time.

The church came along and decided that people just couldn’t get together and fuck like rabbits, so they came up with Valentine’s day as a time for people to exchange love letters and sweets instead of bodily fluids. (sigh)

Valentines Day, I always hated it. Last year, I had a girlfriend so it was great. Now, that girlfriend has turned psycho, so I hate it once again. Oh well, Roll with the punches!

V-day is only fun for those people who have someone to share it with. For everyone else it just rubs salt in the wound that you are not loved by anyone in particular at that given time. So, yeah, it sucks big time!

Well, I have a girlfriend, and I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. We’ll go out to dinner or something over the weekend (as we normally do), but we won’t do anything out of the ordinary. We try to concentrate on the other 364 days of the year.

I hate the fact that it’s so commercialized. I can show love and affection every day of the year, I don’t need Valentine’s Day to do it. I do have someone for Valentine’s Day this year, and I’m sure I’ll do a little something just to let her know how special she is to me, but I won’t do anything “ordinary.”

I hate it with a passion.

I hate valentines day the worst of any holiday. First of all, I have to spend money it means on someone that I would get ass from any other day of the year without spending a dime. Also, it falls on back day which means i have to miss my workout cuz she wants to spend “time” together. F that, it just pisses me off. Without it I would be at least $100 richer and a hell of a lot happier after my workout.

i hate it cuz 1, i am alone every single year, and 2, you should love someone every day and let em know it every day instead of just one day

Bionic, every single year??? Anyway, I hate the fact that my birthday and V day are only two days appart!!! I also hate the fact that I usually have exams that period and can enjoy neither!! Does god hate me? Is there a god? Oh, that’s another thread, right?

My birthday is two days after Valentine’s Day. So close to being born on V-day. Scary, huh?

every year. yep.

I liked it last year as well cos i had a woman,but umm just like Nicko my girl went psycho.

did i mention proudly that i would be celebrating V-day again alone this year? hells yea!

Bionic, this sounds ummmmm out of the ordinary… are you too picky or are you…how should I put this, a competitive powerlifter in the 77kg division kind of girl? If you are 16 or something, forget all of the above.

Dude we were born on the same day! I don’t know if it’s scary but it’s not as exciting when two good things are so close. Part of the fun is waiting for that “happy day”. In my case I only have one “waiting period” instead of two. Hope I made some sense.