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Holidays Negate Calories, Right?

Just double checking because I’m sitting in the gym at the moment and thinking about how many Christmas cookies I ate the last few days -lol



Absolutely! Calorie free on Christmas day.

It’s the chocolate covered cherries that get me.

Fortunately not on Christmas though!

I ate Yule log before training today and nothing bad happened bless the holidays!

I released a yule log this morning after all the stuff I ate yesterday…all the handmade chocolates, cookies, cakes and pies… Classy.


I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes doubled up over the toilet pan, unleashing last nights Chinese meal.

That along with Yule log, Haagen Dazs, crisps, peanuts and my bodyweight in chocolate.

My family have had to evacuate the house due to the overpowering smell

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100%! I just figure I’m working hard on my “before” picture. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.


This sums up exactly my thoughts on the last weeks nutrition.


Great minds and all that

I always find it funny how some people loose their mind about overeating during say Christmas and or the Thanksgiving Holiday. As if somehow it will destroy what every they might have achieved body comp wise or health the other 363 days of the year.

Pretty sure my boxing day session was enough to work off most of Christmas day. But then I did eat Christmas pudding and ice cream for my post workout so now have to work that off. Arghhhhhh

The holidays are just the big fat cherry on top of the other 180 bad days lol

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I mainly see Christmas as the doorway to bowl season…where anything not ate during the holidays gets ate. Then throw on top various smoked meats and finger foods and booze. If your team is in the playoffs hopefully it’s this times 2.

For the sake of people trying to fill out a weight class, I hope not!

I’ve had a whole 7 days on the lash, I need a good sleep, a protein shake and some bicep curls to make me whole again.