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Holiday Vacation


So, I have 10 days off and some disposable income to drop on a trip down south. I've never been one for the all-inclusive deals, but sitting on the beach with free drinks doesn't sound so bad right now. Does anyone have a recommendation on location, hotel, best beach, etc? I've read a lot of travelers reviews and I'm kinda leaning towards Jamaica or Punta Cana, but any suggestions are welcome!



I don't vacation too often, but I found this for you. Have fun.

No good, vacation having, mother f...................


What are you looking for?

A nice, relaxing vacation or are you looking to party?

Action adventure, or days lounging on the beach?


Question answered!


Yeah, but those get boring after the first couple of days.


I know what you mean. I remember one time I was drinking on a beach in Jamaica and.....

No, wait. That's a lie. Vacation having mother fluffers.


Went to the Grand Caymans it's one of the best places for diving. If it's just some tropical stuff try st.croix or st. Lucia not as many tourist families all over the place.


Where the hell is that and how much? And were the women hispanic?


If you want diving...


Lots of options...

I spent about three months here. http://www.lacasadefelipe.com/guesthouse.html

It's a hostel, but they have private rooms. The beaches aren't all that good, but the diving is great and the town is fun. There are also other activities, but I mostly dived.


Those are islands up the windward passage. He caymans was a British territory so a Lil did from the other islands not much of a party scene. The other 2 are nice but also kinda quiet compared to chris options. Those are party spots...not so much Fiji.


Thanks you guys for the suggestions. 460, I looked at St.Lucia, but the hotel didn't look that great although the island looks amazing!
Christine, I've only dived once, a hungover pool to the reef in one hour experience in Mexico LOL. It was fun aside from the near death part, but I'd try it again under better supervision and some training.
We decided on Jamaica, finally. Leaving in 9 days!


I went to Jamaica my senior year of high school, might have been the best week of my life. We bought a pound of marijuana within 30 minutes of getting off the plane. We stayed in a house on the beach and rented jet skis right in the back yard. Every day we'd wake up, get high as fuck and eat an awesome 5 course breakfast the house staff would prepare.

Then we'd get plastered on 10 cent Red Stripe beer and ride jet skis for hours. We did some sight seeing in the afternoon, the scenery is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. At night we'd go out and party, come home, get high again and go to sleep. Rinse and repeat for 7 days.


You be havin' fun, mon. A wan irie likkle place.


I used to go on vacations... but then I took an arrow in the knee.


That sounds like exactly what I need.





Sandals Montego Bay. Can't go wrong there.

Whoops, didn't see you already decided.