Holiday Training/Eating

been training pretty hard last 6-8 weeks, in exactly 1 month i make the trek to Iowa for a couple of weeks with the extended family for christmas. i’ll be doing a lot of good eating, 5-6000 cals/daily maybe hit the weights every few days. i think this will be good for gettin my nekkid weight up to 200lbs. i can get up to 205 after eating and puttin my utilitiy uniform on(i’m a Marine)at 5’10. what you guys think? think i should go ballz out on the eating or what

If you want to pig out, your could attempt the Accumlated Fatique program, or CW’s 30 day mass program. That way you plan to “overtrain” up to vacation, then take off those two weeks, and pig out.

sounds like a winner…but when i come back, how should i approach the training? should i just jump right back into it or what