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Holiday to LA, TX and Cancun

Hey all, at the end of May i’ll be travelling to the states for a four week holiday with my best mate. Flying in and out of LAX. So far we only have loose plans to check out sanfran while in Cali and road trip;
to LV for a few days, check grand canyon
stop by Pheonix AZ, Albuquerqeao, NM, Dalls and Houston TX
and finishing in New orleans
At some stage also flying down to Cancun for a few days.

We are both massive MMA/boxing fans, so are looking to check out a few gyms along the way as well as continuing a bit of lifting and mma trainign ourselves, a bit of scenery, have a few big nights out on the town and hopefully pick up a few girls haha.

Any advice on where to go, what to do, who to book with would be much appreciated, we are both rookies in hte travel game!

Elmwood is a pretty functional gym in New Orleans. Not sure if you’re driving to NOLA, but if you pass through Lafayette Red’s is the best gym I’ve ever been in.

If you go a little farther west of New Orleans on I-10, you’ll get to Biloxi, MS. Alan Belcher has an MMA gym here; we have casinos for a big night out; the girls here are some of the nicest you’re likely to meet.