Holiday Season Carb Cycling

Hello brothers and sisters of iron! I was wondering if anyone out there has ever tried something like this out? It is basically taking the template of carb cycling (high days, med. days, low days) and using it more liberaly during the holiday season. The set up I made for myself looks something like high days: basic cheat day (eat what you want but hit at least 1g of animal pro. per lb of bw), med. Days: pro:225, carbs:200, fat 50, and low days: pro: 225, carbs: > 50, fat: > 50. I have a low day to deplete myself of glycogen before the high day and loose a little extra bloat/fat after the high day and a medium day to maintain gym performance and loose some fat.

This week looked like:
Friday: cheat
Saturday: low
Sunday: cheat
Monday: med.
Tuesday: low
Wednesday: high

This is just something to stave off the enevedable fat gain that comes with indulgence during the holiday season. Well that and four HIIT sessions and four weight training sessions a week. Drop a comment, and tell me what you guys think.

Carb cycling?

I think I have carb loaded for the next 12 months. lol.

Merry Xmas ducklings!