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Holiday Pics


I was thinking it would be fun to see everyone's pictures from the holidays. It was cool seeing people's pics on the milf/tilf threads, so it would be fun to see T-Nation "all gussied up" (or not!) for Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza, New Years Eve, whatever.

I have 2 parties this weekend (and 2 new dresses!) and I was hoping to take a few pics, but I hate always being the first one to post. So I'll start the thread now with the promise of some pics after this weekend and to see who else is game :slightly_smiling: Happy Holidays!


Hopefully the lack of response is just because people haven't had their parties yet! I guess I'll get the ball rolling :slight_smile:


One function was snowed out last weekend, so I only got "gussied up" once. Not the greatest picture, but I liked the dress. Husband's company Xmas party - big difference from how I looked last year!


And this pic just cracks me up - the little bugger just learned how to grin!


Jillybop, that picture is soooo cute! What a happy little boy you've got.



Cute kid. Nice guns!



Oh my god, JB! That may be the cutest thing I have ever seen! :slight_smile:


what a terrific smile your kid has! Awesome pics so far and I hope there's more to come from all Tmembers.


I'd hit it.




Damn, I wish I would have thought of that!


This picture just makes me want to smile!




Your son is just too cute!! Enjoy these precious years, they grow up too damn fast! I remember when my twin boys had all their teeth. Now they're grown-up Rugby players!


Me and my wife

Big bad wolf and Little Red.


My wife and daughter at a Vegas-themed Christmas party. (I'm always behind the camera and never in pics.)

You know, it's never too early to teach your kiddo about high stakes roulette.


Odd outfit to wear to a Christmas party...


This is my monster on halloween, while trick ot treating


Just a little bump....isn't anyone feeling merry this year???


Office party is this Saturday. I expect to be feeling QUITE merry, thank you, and if any photographic evidence is suitable for public consumption, I will gladly share :slight_smile:


I'm REALLY feeling this thread. I love the kid pics... I'll have to put a few up of my nephew after this weekend at my family's christmas party :slight_smile: