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Holiday Love for 531

There is no question here just some public love for 531. I did regular 531 a few years ago and had great success then moved on to other shiny objects. That didn’t work out well so a few months ago I found myself looking at 531 again. It’s simple (if you leave it alone) and seriously effective, I love it.

This time I started the Hardgainers program since I figured I’m 40 now and I’m not adding muscle like I did when I was a youngin’. So far I just wanted to say that this program is working great, I’m seeing great results and although I have soreness here and there it’s the good kind that doesn’t let me forget that I lifted yesterday. No nagging injuries from over-training or burnout from being tired, just slow and steady results, week after week, PR after PR.

This weekend is the 4th of July holiday. I’m going to be riding my Harley to a rally and throwing peace signs to the ladies sitting shotgun in the cars I pass. I’ll be feeling good knowing I’m hitting my goals and enjoying life thanks to the confidence 531 brings.

Thanks Jim and everybody that is part of this forum, I’ve learned a lot from all of you. Have a safe holiday weekend everybody.

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Well said and agree 100%. Just switched from Hard Gainers, which was awesome to Earn The Right. Brilliant program and always evolving.

Thanks - this is great to read and I appreciate you taking the time. Be safe on your ride.

Thanks man! You said it. You think there’s something better out there and then as your going along in another program it’s like fuck this is stupid. I just want FREEDOM!!

The way I see it, Jim has been teaching us all how to be your own coach. Of course I fuck up all the time, trying to cheat the system, but that’s my problem. That’s also how I learn.