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Holiday Just Before My First Meet

Hi everyone,

I have my first powerlifting meet on 19th June. My partner and I had planned a holiday at the start of June, obviously this isn’t the best timing, but due to work commitments we can’t really change the time we can go so we either work with it or cancel plans for holiday.

I usually choose a hotel with a gym, but usually the gyms just have a few random dumbells, maybe a bench and some poor quality cardio equipment. I could use it but it would just be bodybuilding style training, high reps, just to keep active.

What would you recommend I do?

Maybe train heavy the week before holiday…

Then on holiday just maintain & keep active

When I come back, do a light squat/deadlift session, then a bench the next day, then a full two days rest before competition?

Thanks everyone,

See what then hotel gym has and also check for decent gyms in the area. Pay the casual fee for a couple of sessions.

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Agree with Mark. Check local gyms for one time or one week visits.

Like I told another first timer…

It’s your first meet. Don’t sweat it. Set realistic goals and have fun.