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Holiday gifts

We all know how difficult it sometimes is to convince family and friends that what we REALLY want for a Christmas gift is a jug of protein, or some protein bars, or a box of MRP’s, or whatever. They just don’t believe us. Or as my wife would say, “it’s just not Christmas-like.” Who among us did convince someone to shop in a T-Man manner and what did you receive?

I had a big, heavy present to open courtesy of my wife’s aunt, and to my incredible shock, it contained 30 cans of tuna! Now that’s a welcome T-Man present.

Well my mom got me a new squat suit, some knee wraps and a nice training log. Time to go do some squats:)

I made things pretty simple for everyone. I made an “online wishlist” that contained a variety of things I wanted. I emailed the URL to friends and family so they could get me something on the list and check it off, so no one would get the same thing.

My dad started complaining that he just wanted to get us (me, my brother and sister) gift certificates to one place. I had to tell him to just go online and buy me some of the supplements I wanted and to get me a gift certificate to the mall so I could get whatever else I wanted.

So with a little coersion, I managed to get three boxes of Grow and three bottles of ZMA. A friend of mine also bought me some ZMA. So I'm stocked up.

And if there is something else I want, I’ll just go online and buy it myself!

I got some Jump Stretch bands, Plate Mates magnetic plates, and the Westside Barbell training videos. Can’t go wrong.

My dad just got me a carton of cigarettes. He slapped me on the shoulder and said, “Smoke up, Johnny!” Then he beat the crap out of me when I didn’t get him a turkey pot pie.

Nah, just kidding. I just got my usual stuff…clothes. I keep my training pretty low key, so most people don’t know about it. I just want them to wonder what happened everytime I show up just bit bigger and leaner.

well, i didn’t get the biotest gift certificate i asked for, but i got the jump strecth bands i wanted. i just love how when all of my friends ask me what i got and i tell them some bands for powerlifting they just give me a weird look and say “well that sucks”. then i have to try to explain that i wanted them. Then i try to explain what they are used for and they don’t have the slightest clue as to of what i am talking about. my grandma really thinks i am weird now. i can’t wait to use them though.

jeff, how do you plan on setting them up for bench and squat. are you just going to attach one end to a dumbbell and the other to the bar? my gym doesnt have a good cage that i can bench or squat in so that kinda limits what i can do with them. are you going to use yours on dynamic, max effort, or both? hope everyone else had a good christmas.

Nic, check out my post from a few weeks ago, the topic was “WSB and bands” I think, so you should be able to do search for it. Also, over on the Powerden board I asked a few more questions about using bands, so check that one out too. I think both those posts (actually the answers) will address all your questions, since I had the same ones as you. Let me know if you can’t find the posts and I’ll try to help you out, but I’m just as new to WSB you probably are.

well my birthday was earlier in December and the gift i got there was a power Rack (BodySolid- pretty good btw) and yesterday for Christmas i wanted some weightlifting books (SuperTraining, The Science and Practice of…) and a flat/incline/decline bench to use w/ my rack. Well i didnt get the books but i got the bench and it is nice. Incidentally yesterday, my dad and i built 3 boxes for box squating for WSB- very nice. The only thing i am missing now is a cable weight system at home but that can wait. Incidentally i goto a gym or am atleast a member but a lot of their stuff sucks and its often crowded and has only 2 benches. 1 Question- where can i get a second set of pins for my power rack, i want to start doin auxotonics (isometrics weight lifting) and need a second set of pins.

well i got 4 tubs of nitro tech protein… some different bottles of methoxy… and a bottle of nandrosol.

Hit the jackpot this year. Three jugs of powerdrive, a bottle of MD6, and Ian King’s Get Buffed !. Finally a christmas without the same old lameass shirts and jeans with a watch.

I got 3 new XL (moved up a size this past 6 months!) testosterone shirts, a 10lb bucket of Nlarge2, Get Buffed and a NIV study Bible. Real T-Men love Jesus. Hope you all had a merry Christmas. God Bless.

I got some dbol,a very thoughtful and personal
gift, lol!

No Ian King Killer Leg Video in my sock, just a big lump of coal. I did get a George Foreman Grill which I tried out today and it works awesome! My girlfriend gave me all clothes which I needed badly, but thanks to Ian’s Limping Series I only fit in one pair of pants. The others I couldn’t get past my damn quads! The shirts are VERY tight as well.

Stocking full of HMB.:frowning:

Ever since I was seven, my family has given me money. 'Cept for when they bought me a bbgun ('lil t-man stuff). I always encourage people to be different, to get what they want. (This Christmas, I took my shirt off - in front of all the relatives - and posed down with my cousins.) This way your family realizes that they don’t understand you…and may as well just give you what you want. Oh, and I gave good gifts, to reinforce this. Some gifts I gave were a copy of Body-for-life to my female relatives, a dubbed copy of Pumping Iron to my male cousins and uncle, and an Ironmind Gripper #1 and #2 to my dad.

Well i got what i wanted of mum and dad i got Arnold shwarzeneggers encyclopeadia…and ohhhhh yeah a playstaion

Well my wife didn’t think the gifts were a whole lot of fun but she got them for me anyways. Here is the list.

Captain of the Crush gripper
Dorian Yates Blood and Guts video
Jump Rope
Stop Watch
Dip Belt with chain
Speed Bag and Platform
75 lbs of Chain

Then the clothes and video games.

I had a good wholesome/t-man christmas. I received a medicine ball and a tool box. So after I break shit with my medicine ball, I can fix it, now that I can keep track of my tools.

Happy new year everyone.

The closest I came was 6 cans of Ranch Style beans, but I gave 4 huge New York steaks to my brother-in-law to go along with his new George Foreman. The guy does no exercise, drinks 6-12 beers a day, and the only vegetables he eats are french fries and an occasional lettuce leaf on his hamburger.

My girlfriend got me (with a little persuasion) digital fat calipers on the understanding that I never try to use them on her! Oh well, have to wait 'till she’s asleep. :wink: