Holiday For One Week After Cycle?? HELP!

Hey everyone,

I’m currently taking sustanon 250, my last injection will be on the 3rd of March. So I’m only one and a half weeks in at the moment.

My question is, would it be alright to go on holidays (Fiji) for roughly 5 days, from the 4th of March, the day after my last injection? Or would this be a dumb idea?

I will be waiting 3 weeks from the end of my cycle until I start PCT, so I won’t be taking anything for that period obviously.

I figured if I went on holidays for 5 days, following my last injection, I should still have a lot of testosterone in my system and therefore as long as I train and diet hard when I get back, I shouldn’t be at risk of losing any gains as a result of the holidays.

Please tell me if this is a stupid idea though. The holiday was not my idea, and I can choose not to go on it and will choose not to go if it will effect my gains. That being said, if it won’t effect my gains, of course I’d want to go!

Also, would I be at risk of getting any side effects for the week after my last injection? Gyno, Acne, or anything like that?

Thanks in advance!

You won’t be starting PCT within the 5 days following a sustanon cycle anyways…

It’s only 5 days? You do know, in other countries they have food you can actually buy. Do some bodyweight stuff and you’ll be fine.

Or do as I always do, find a local gym :slight_smile:

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Going to Fiji is never a dumb idea, you lucky bastard :wink:

I love that place. Fond memories…


Cheers for the replies! I really appreciate it.

BBB, I’ve never been to Fiji before, do you have any advice to make the most out of my holiday in Fiji? I’m going with my girlfriend. I don’t really know anything about it just yet, got to look into it seriously this week. Have you been there recently?

Are there any grocery stores where I could pick up a few basic nutritional needs so that I can try to keep my macro’s in check, like oats, fruits, milk? I’d be eating at restaurants for my main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but of course 3 meals a day isn’t going to meet my dietary needs.

Is there any particular things that are a ‘must’ for Fiji? Certain beaches, Islands? From the small amount I’ve read, there’s not a whole lot to do there aside from chilling at the beach. That’s all we expected anyway though so if there’s nothing to do other than relaxing at beaches then that’s fine, just don’t want to come home and find out we missed out on things!


In Fiji, you can do horseback riding for about $5/day…you can pretty much circle the entire island for $5…sleep in a hammock, it is a lot of fun…drinks are stupidly cheap, as was the food…just enjoy yourself man…it is the best place in the world