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Holiday Dirty Bulking



So, I really can't resist the temptations of eating like shit this time of year. Sweets are everywhere, and I like to indulge. In fact, I'm on my way of finishing an entire cheesecake today...

Yes, I'm getting fatter, yes I'm on a day long sugar rush, but NO.. I am not going to do this forever.

But seriously, what have you guys indulged on these past few days... or weeks?


Yes, another one.

Here I just had/am having/will have a huge amount of pastries from one of the top 3 french pastry chefs (in case some are interested, take a look http://www.pierreherme.com/retrait-boutique/familly.cgi?id=21&cwsid=2726phAC194316ph4357043 :p).

This plus the regular sweets obviously…

You’re right Rattler, its definitely not something that two weeks of dieting + a couple of metabolic trainings can’t undo.


I was planning on splurging for Christmas, but I ended up having a spoon full of Cranberry sauce, and a bit of stuffing. I got too lazy to eat anything other than turkey.



The real thing, hosers. Raw eggs, heavy cream, brandy, bourbon and rum.

SOOOO good. Dream about it all year long.

Bye, back for more!


Told myself I wasn’t going to eat any cookies because of the recent root canal (only chewing on the good side till the crown is in place).

I’ve managed to put down a dozen or so cookies in the past 2 days, that lasted real long :frowning:

other than that, not too much “shit”


The sweet potatoes I have KILLED today would have been alright except for the brown sugar and marsh mellows…


Biscuits and homeade gravy for breakfast and had some see’s candy peanut butter patties after dinner(my favorite sweet).


I’ve done nothing but eat shit all day.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve lost weight since coming home. Frustrating. My body doesn’t want to hang onto it’s current weight.

Time to make a snack.


cookes, lemon meraigne pie, pecan pie, ice cream, lots of nuts, 2 huge meals of xmas food.

Tomorrow is a new day.


chocolate cake and candy after every meal…my BW is actually down lol


I’ve actually done the opposite and started the AD on xmas eve. It’s not so bad since there is meat everywhere but no carbs is pretty restricting.


Gingerbread cookies. They are my bane. Oh, and chocolate protein shakes made with cream.


any and everything I want, strangely enough I lost weight.


I think I broke something.


[quote]Professor X wrote:
I think I broke something.[/quote]

I think I missed the joke :frowning:


Bread pudding with Bailey’s cream sauce. Banana cheesecake with pumpkin pie crust and pecan-molasses sauce.

Cinnamon rolls.

I was trying to carb load for the entire spring season…


Shoot I got all year to diet. Only a few days out of the year when those extra special dishes are handy. And with the good cheer, you can usually have it brought to you while you loaf on the couch. I plan on fully woofing down the goodies. I am on the Holiday Bulk Master Carb Loading Program.

I’ll Just have to let out another notch or two on the belt to keep the trousers loose and comfy. Put on a baggy shirt, tight in the sleeves though, cause the relatives from out of town have to get an eye full of the recent progress on the guns.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at T-Nation


drinking a shake right now consisting of, ON Pro Complex gainer (not a lot cause im out), egg nog, 2 raw eggs, a little peanut butter, milk and a bag of oatmeal.

blenders are the greatest.


I just got back from a few days in Vegas (family trip):

  • Outback steakhouse
  • Tony Roma’s
  • Table 10 (Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant)
  • too many buffets to count

I did a number on Treasure Island’s buffet, and previous to that ate a sheet of homemade shortbread cookies. Tomorrow we’re going out with more relatives for all you can eat sushi.


1.00pm Christmas eve, 101kg…
11.00am today, 27/12/08, 105kg!!

I just ate everything.