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Holiday Cycle

What do you guys think of the following dosages. Wk 1-3000 mg test cyp. 1.5 gram EQ, 400 mg test prop, 100 mg ed anadrol. Wk 2-5 1500 mg test cyp, 1 gram EQ, 100 mg ed anadrol. WK 6 400 mg test prop. WK 7-9 Clomid 100 mg ed. Will use arimedex and LV 52 through out cycle. Thanks for any replies.

I think on those dosages…Hello Olympia!

you talk shit about the forum vets in another thread and then expect them to help you with your cycle, wtf?

So you’re either very experienced, or very inexperienced. Either way, that’s too much gear.

Here’s my next cycle:

Bulking Phase -
Weeks 1-10: Test Enan @ 1g
Weeks 1-10: Deca @ 600mg
Weeks 1-10: EQ @ 600mg
Weeks 1-4: Anadrol @ 50mg-75mg ED
Weeks 1-4: Slin @ 5IUs/15Ius Pre/Postworkout 4x a week
Weeks 7-12: Dbol @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-12: GH @ 3IUs per day 5 days a week
Weeks 1-12: Nolva @ 25mg ED
Weeks 1-12: Provirion @ 50mg ED
Weeks 1-12: T3 @ 12.5-25mcg ED
Weeks 9-12: Slin @ 5IUs/15Ius Pre/Postworkout 4x a week

Cutting Phase -
Weeks 13-24: Test Prop @ 100mg ED
Weeks 13-24: Tren @ 75mg ED
Weeks 13-22: Primo @ 400mg
Weeks 13-17: Var or Masteron @ 50mg ED
Weeks 13-24: GH @ 4IUs per day 5 days a week
Weeks 17-20: Slin @ 10IUs postworkout 4 x a week
Weeks 20-24: Winny @ 100mg ED
Weeks 21-24: Halo @ 20-30mg ED
Weeks 13-24: Nolva @ 25mg ED
Weeks 13-24: Provirion @ 50mg ED
Weeks 13-24: Full Blown T3 cycle

Wanna train together?

(P.S. This is an actual cycle from someone from another board awhile back. He was giving weekly updates for about 3 weeks, then he vanished forever. I think he exloded.)

All i have to say to shocker is… all i want for christmas is my two balls back! man are you trying to suppress yourself for 6 months post cycle?