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Holiday Canned Ham



Reading through the acceptable use policy for this website I noticed a promise of a Holiday Canned Ham....Ove been here for 3 years worth of holidays and have not recieved ONE

anyone else? I think its time for TN to pay up on the ham

You are on notice Admins. Provide ham or feel wrath

"Occupy T-Nation"


Yeah, Admins! You're on otice! OTICE, damn it!

...though they may be prePccupied by more important matters so they may not even otice...


I was so outraged when typing that I couldnt see


quite possibly including holiday canned hams.
It's more of a "carrot" than anything else.


I dont' where the fuck you come from but our hams are not "carrots"!

our hams are made from some kind of dead animal.

Carrot, even bugs fucking bunny knows carrots don't taste like ham!........Bacon kinda, but not carrots..............geezzzz .........you ever seen a "carrot burger" hell no! but everybody knows
what a "hamburger" is.


Rock, you sure find yourself in some truly unlikely places, don't you?


I am currently finding myself HAMLESS.




"By creating your profile on T NATION, you hereby agree to allow Testosterone Publishing, LLC to send you periodical updates, news, product announcements, and other e-mail transmissions... you know, fun stuff! You must maintain a valid e-mail address in your profile in order to be eligible for an account on T NATION. If you refuse, you can't participate on T NATION forums and you'll be ineligible to receive certain supplement discounts, exclusive training programs, and various goodies, quite possibly including holiday canned hams."

what more do I need to say? I have a valid email address, but have NOT recieved A SINGLE HOLIDAY CANNED HAM!!!!!


I bet if you buy Indigo you get canned ham, bastards.


"quite possibly including holiday canned hams" =/= "including holiday canned hams"




L fucking O fucking L


Alphabet threesome?


Alright, alright... calm down.

Would bacon suffice?


right click-save as-BACONGIF


No, YOU didnt promise me anything. THEY did, THEY need to give ME a HAM.


Rocky, did you know people taste like pork?

They promised ham, but they won't send you ham.

Go find them, while they are sleeping,

and take all the pork you can eat...


One month from this day, I will begin eating a mod a week.


...starting with Prof X?


Im not gonna tell you who is first so you can go warn them.