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Holds at the End of Exercises


On my last rep of deadlifts, I like to hold the weight for as long as possible at the top.

Seems to be effective in soreness to the traps and upper back.

Just curious to know if others find this effective and if it could be used in other excercises.


Squeezes and pausing at the peak of the contraction is definitely an effective tool to stimulate muscle growth. If it feels good, go for it.


And by "feels good" I mean burns the fuck out of your muscles.


Something from CT on the livespill... this also maxes out your CNS. I don't hold it as long as possible... LWI and full pause but don't stand there stressing out the CNS for as long as possible. Can effect recovery and readiness vor next tough workout.


Hmmm Idk, it seems to work for people doing DC stretches.


^ Yeah but DC Stretches are less than 'full weight.' You use half weight of a working set usually...


Why not just do some sets of shrugs? Isometrics don't get too much love around these parts.


I do it on lateral raises and upper back work. Some exercises seem to be better suited for it.


Every rep I do has a 3 count squeeze.....and then a 5 count squeeze after the set...and then a 15 count squeeze during the finishing sets of the session


Nice I train very similar with the holds and squeezes. Helps the mind/muscle connection as well as pushing blood into the muscle