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holding water

Whats a good way to get rid of water under the skin. Im not competing I just need every muscle to show for an event in which i will have no shirt on. Thanks

Look in the archives.

Particularly useful might be the recent article by Swole, and posts in the forum by Patricia (she may want to chip in here), and Vain68.

This type of question has been addressed several times in the past. Happy searching.

Heh. Thanks, SRS.

But I believe one of the solutions for water retention is to drink more water. How much water do you normally drink during the day, anyways?

Coffee (caffeine) and Vitamin C are pretty good for “safe” diuretics.

I would also perform a search for contest prep questions; especially during that last week where water manipulation is critical. Carb manipulation is helpful; carbs can make someone retain water, but by lessening the amount of carbs you eat during the day, you’ll drop water.

But again, check out posts by Swolecat, Timbo, Thunder and Vain68 on this subject. Especially Swolecat and Thunder - they know how to do this “stuff” VERY well. :slight_smile:

a gallon and a half of water with about three diet sodas

chop some vodka.
Quick diuretic effect and will losen you up a bit too (i guess you a doing a stripshow or modeling eh?)

what do you mean chop some vodka?. You want me to drink some…that shouldnt be a problem.

Reduce sodium intake, increase water intake, reduce carb intake, increase natural diuretic intake, Vitamin C, Caffeine.

Do moderate cardio every other day, and get in the tanning bed/beach.

Do these, and water retention will be reduced to a minimum.

This is the kind of advice that comes from someone that does not understand water manipulation.


Would you care to explain?

Definately drink more water…

and taking a piss now and then won’t hurt either.

Also, what is your BF%? Are you sure you don’t have other issues there first?

body fat level is low. Im guessing 5 to 7%.

I think you need to cut sodium and drink tons of water. Consuming too much salt makes your body grab on to all the water it can get. You need to “off-set” your sodium and potassium pumps by drinking ample amounts of water, this will release some of the subcutaneous water. A visit to the sauna or steam room could help too!

Consuming too much salt makes your body grab on to all the water it can get. [/quote]

This statement is so wrong.

I’ll weigh in this later.

the reason you do not need to cut sodium is because a constant sodium intake does not cause water retention. a sudden increase in sodium will however.

so should i cut out the diet soda and just drink coffe in place of my soda consumption?

why not just drink water?

Don’t do anything until you get Thunder’s advice…

Trust me!

Do you need to be able to perform in a physical event or just like a modeling thing? I ask because certain programs will give you a very low energy level.

Instead of trying to get bits and pieces of information from everybody just read this: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/266seven2.html.

I personally lost 9 pounds of water weight in the 7 days.

i do…at least a gallon. But someone suggested coffe. ANd i know that diet soda can cause bloat. so i was just curious