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Holding Water Weight

Hey Mate,

I used a boditrax machine to analyse my muscle mass, bodyfat etc, the numbers I got were solid but when they showed water it came in at 52.1kg/65.4% which leads me to think why I’m holding a lot of water and what I can do to lower it I assume to lower water I hold the leaner my physique will look


I have zero faith in those machines. I once tested at 12% body fat in the morning and 8% in the evening (dehydration).

Most people who think that are holding water really are “holding fat”.

That having been said… if water retention truely is an issue I recommend:

  • Trying to lower cortisol (phosphatidylserine around workouts and in the evening, 600-800mgl; 2000mg vitamin C twice a day, rhodiola in the morning)

  • Decrease your aldosterone and vasopressin hormones (that make you retain water). To do so you have to drink like there is no tomorrow… I’m talking 6-8 liters per day. That might seem counterintuitive but it will prevent water retention by decreasing the hormones that make you retain water, be prepare to visit the bathroom a lot.

  • Improve digestive system health (fermented foods, probiotics, finding if you have food intolerences, etc.)

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