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Holding Small Amount Water on TRT

On 200 of ethanate and gain ab 3-4 lbs water after injection. E2 is in range for the most part but my doc thinks it’s the ethanate. He put me on combo of cyp/prop to see if this helps. Any insight on this type of test?

How’s you’re Diet, androgens (esp when the body is shocked out of homeostasis) can cause fluid retention. How much sodium do you eat? Are you magnesium deficient, what’s you’re carb intake like. Do you maintain adequate fluid intake?

Am trying to figure this out too. I believe I carry water weightn since i started. But when I lower dose (or when I stupidly took an ai) the water wait goes but I start getting joint pain. So maybe the water weight is what we were suppose to always have…
It doesn’t totally make sense for me.

Diet is great. Watch macros. Maybe slight higher sodium and how much water you talking? Also how would I know ab magnesium

Will explain tommorow, must sleep now. Yeet