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Holding DB for Skullcrushers


Im having trouble holding the Dumbbell over my head during these. Not so much its to heavy but the bigger dumbbells just feels like i can't get a good grip on them.

So my question is how do you guys hold the dumbbell when you do them?


I actually lay on an incline bench and make use of TWO dumbells to get a better stretch behind my head.



Care to elaborate a bit? For some reason I'm having a tough time conceptualizing what you're talking about.


I believe it means a dumbell in each hand

But I was wondering what the difference is between doing it on a flat bench vs incline, and also if it makes a difference doing it with a pronated or neutral grip?


I do the same thing as Stu, lie on an incline bench and instead of holding a bar you hold two DBs either on neutral grip or pronated grip keeping the DBs close together


God, the incline version is absolute death on my elbows... And I've never really gotten anything out of it for some reason.

I can do them lying flat just fine though (bar comes down behind head, upper arms stop the rep at an incline rather than perpendicular to the floor, yadda-yadda).

With a single DB, holding the 'bell works best for me if...

a) seated (upper back against preacher bench or so): both hands with fingers intertwined around the handle of the DB (while straightening the elbows, I try to have them point forward). Holding the innermost plate instead of the DB just doesn't work with my tiny hands and short finger... Ends up with the plat digging too much into my wrists and causing numbness.

b) lying on a flat bench, PJR pullover+extension... I just use 2 DB's here now... I can't do the intertwining thing here with my arm length, that just makes the 'bell bump into my head.


has anyone ever done straight bar standing barbell tricep extensions. I do them with a 4ft? olympic bar and my triceps have never grown so fast.

heres mariuz doing them with the standard length olympic bar . fucking animal. I thought these would be death on my elbows but after doing high rep 15ish pushdowns before hand for tons of sets. my tris have never felt better. he does them around 1:00 mark


I find that by making use of an incline, there is constant stress on the triceps (as long as you don't lock out your elbows directly overhead!) I've seen people do this on a decline bench as well, but instead of extending the arms 'straight up' as one might think, the final position is one of the arms extended behind the head (again, constant stress on the muscle)



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