Holding a Peak Through Out the Day?

How does somebody hold a peak from like Morning to the PM. In my case I just want to hold it for maybe 4-5 Hours. I carb up Day 1 for Photos Day 2. I should look my best when I wake up and I usually fade, sometimes quite fast. I want to hold it as long as possible to get good lighting from the sun.

I am guessing not much water. Maybe some dry cereal here and there? Continue taking any orals you were? Sleep as much as possible?

If you’re doing nothing during the day, vs occasional pumping like a contest competitor would do, can make a difference. I’ve always found that I looked better in the evening portions of contests where I was pumping up and eating carbs, sodium, and water at spaced out intervals throughout the day.

What are you planning on using to carb up the day before?

You NEED water to go into your muscles with the carbs in order to carb up.


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About 4000 calories. 800 grams of carbs. Mostly Rice but some cereal too (with insulin). It was very low fat like 170g of protein. Very low fiber too. and 6+ liters of water and another 2 liters from gatorade and the protein shake I poured on the cereal (of water). Oh and about 3500mg of Potassium and 2000mg Sodium which is my normal intake of that.

When I get super lean I noticed I get a little better as the day goes on too so if I get in the same situation again I will do as you mentioned, just eat minimally but normalish too with some pumping up.

I think next time I will look to space out the carbing up over a couple more days. I honestly think that aside from some bloat (probably some combo of fiber and test bloat) I looked my absolute best yesterday which was after the initial rebound and I had started to lean out again after tightening up my diet.

and thank you for the help!!!

Two things to remember:

1- if you depleted before loading, your body will supercompensate a lot more the first 24 hours of the load than the second

2- if you indeed looked better the day or two after, most likely you could have handled more sodium and water.


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