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Hold Back on PR Set?

I’m running my 6th Cycle doing a 2/1 Leader Anchor setup with 531 5s Pro SSL Leader and 351 PR Set and FSL Anchor.
Making some great strength gains and getting 13 reps on 3+ for deads(335x13) and squats(290x13). Is it wise to absolutely destroy yourself on the PR Set or to cut off at something like 10 reps for 3+ and 8 or 9 for 1+.

My logic: I’ve only got two PR Weeks every 11 weeks. Leave nothing left in tank. I just stop before I lose core tightness and lose form.

Thoughts on this would be interesting

I always go for a PR. I am currently running 4 day 5/3/1 rest pause and always go for PR set.
As you said,your PR weeks ocurr rarely,so I would keep hitting them as you are.

There’s a difference between having a goal going into the PR set and really busting your balls to hit it, and just martyring yourself in the set for the sake of destruction. It’s important not to fall into the latter option, but I really do like pushing PR sets. If they’re beating you up too much lots of guys go into a 3/5/1 scheme and just hit PR’s on 1st and 3rd weeks. If you’re cranking on OG and continuously pushing PR’s, deloading every cycle rather than every other one can help too.

Never go to max reps / failure if you can help it, as this is not how Jim defines a PR set. I think in Beyond he talks about capping at 5 or 8 or 10 reps etc, so yes you could look into doing that.