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Hogan & Warrior


Live footage of the Hulkster and the Ultimate Warrior doing some hardcore training.


Good find.
It's cool to see some of my favorite wrestlers hitting the iron.

I can't believe how much weight their putting up, AND THEY'RE DOING IT FOR REPS!

These guys HAVE to be juicing like crazy, AND they're obviously doing everything right in the gym too.


I know a doctor who I heard "got in trouble" for supplying to Hulk Hogan. By the way, I also heard him in a recent interview saying that he actually was bigger at his peak than ever listed. He said he was over 340 for several years.


From the videos I'd say 320 for sure!


uh, did you watch the video? just checking, you might want to look back at it.


Yea, I know. It's incredible!

I can't even count the weight that's on the bar.

It looks like their muscles are about to pop through their skin!


One of these days I'm going to be that badass...


Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins. Watcha gonna do, T-Nation, when the 24 inch pythons run wild on you???


And once again my eyes will never be the same thanks to the internet.


Here's another. Different guy and maybe not as good, but there is one part of this "skit" that is tooooooo funny! Hint...Mean Gene

Who the hell is pink spyder?


I used to work in a hotel restaurant across the street from the arena in my city. Whenever the wrestlers would come they stayed there. I have seen pretty much all the major ones, including HHH and Hogan. Hogan was by far the largest of them all. It blew me away when I saw him the first time. One day (this was 3-4 years ago) he came into the restaurant for lunch and ordered three entrees, a burger, steak, and chicken caeser. He happily let fans interrupt his lunch to sign autographs, take pictures, and shoot the shit. He was very cool. He told me that he didn't mind because without the fans he was nothing. Pretty much all of them were cool as hell. We screwed up Vince McMahons room service order real bad and he was totally gracious about it. On another note, Ric Flair was short and small as hell in real life. Totally un-related, one time Billy Blanks (the taebo guy) stayed in the hotel and he was also much smaller in real life.


That's pretty cool to hear about them being gracious.

I saw Ricishi (sp?) one time eating dinner with his family at the airport in Pensacola, FL. It was in the middle of the day and there was hardly anyone else in the airport. His wife (no offence) looked a lot like him as far as her shape, but his son was real skinny.

I also saw McFoley at the same airport. He was just getting on a plane (first class of course) when I was passing by. We made eye contact and I did a double-take. He noticed that I noticed him and smiled and gave me a nod and a point. They both seemed real cool, but it's not like I went up to either of them...