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Hofstra Gang Rape Hoax


Didn't see this posted anywhere on T-Nation and thought it would be interesting to hear some thoughts about what happened. Here's the short and skinny if u dont care to read

Girl says 5 guys raped her, men are arrested (probably because of profile), attorney tells girl that they have a video of what really happened. Girl admits she lied and just loves getting slammed in a bathroom by 5 black guys.

So essentially, if not the wonderous technology of the cellphone, 5 guys could've faced
25 years or worse and now this bitch may not get anything. Personally I hope she goes to jail for 25.

Just remember boys = bad, girls = good. Yay society.


Bitches be fuckin crazy.





that suck


Talks to dick Its a fucking crazy world out there


If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


Anyone know where I can watch this video?


That's bullshit. Also, there is no way to know how many times things like this have occurred in the past since in society, all a woman has to do is cry rape and everyone immediately believes her.

This woman took advantage of that and if anyone thinks this is the first, they are dumber than this chick was.


Pshhhh they probably got her to agree to fuck her one more time and they made her pretend like she likes it so they can get it on video.
EVERYONE knows that black guys rape white bitches!!!


Yeah, what a sad story. It's fucked up all a woman has to do is cry rape and you get locked up for 25 with basically no proof.


What do you think would be a fitting punishment for the woman? Seems like she might get charged, but i doubt itll be anything near what she should get.


Pic of the girl?


The racist comments on that site under the articles about this incident before they knew she lied are very telling.


WHY THE FUCK are the pics of the "suspects" EVERYWHERE, but the cunt can't be seen?


They had already suspended one of the guys from college...when NO rfucking trial has taken place. This ruined these guys' lives (and could have been much worse) yet the one who lied gets to hide from the press?

Her picture should be used as a background on Google's search page.


x2 that's fucked up.


Even with no rape, they're still the guys that ran a train on a chick. This university and private, and from what I can tell a big deal. (I had never heard of it). People search people's names.... they're going to have a helluva time finding a job after they're done with their degree. Hopefully they get a lot from a lawsuit.


That's a shame, the world is safer when black people are behind bars


I can't imagine how pissed off I'd be if I banged some chick, things end on bad terms and she tells the cops I raped her and I face 20+ years in prison.

Bitch needs to go to jail.


Next time you decide to gang bang, pull out your camera phone. It may save your life....


Girls who cry wolf like this make me physically sick.