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Hoffa Declares War on Tea Party


More words meant to heal...


They interviewed the head of the democratic party this morning and gave her a chance to speak out against such hateful rhetoric. She declined saying that America doesn't care about that stuff. Obama has not spoken out against this either. It's only when the right uses such colorful rhetoric are they upset.

Hypocrites of the first order.


As I was reading, it is doubtful that Obama will do anything about this.

"Flashback: Obama vowed to end federal probe of Teamsters corruption"

"The White House is still refusing to comment on Jimmy Hoffa?s profane, threatening warm-up speech before President Obama?s Labor Day gig in Detroit yesterday.
They?ve got each other?s back.
Here?s a flashback from May 2008 that you may remember."


Ask Gabby Giffords if she thinks it's appropriate to say "Let's take these sum bitches out..."


Someone should help him emulate his father's disappearing act.


Hoffa's comment definately trumps Perry's "he'd get treated pretty ugly down in Texas' comment. (In the unfortunate, bad way)


No way are Hoffa's comments as nasty as Perry's - Perry is a republican.


Hoffa is a Democrat, he can do no wrong.


Good point. I didn't watch the whole video, but if he said that, it should be called out and stopped.


"President Obama is not going to "serve as the speech police for the Democratic Party," one of Obama's top advisers said Wednesday when asked about White House silence in the face of violent rhetoric from Teamsters President James P. Hoffa.

Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, declining to disavow Hoffa's remarks, told WMAL AM 630 in Washington, D.C., that it's a "parlor game" in Washington to pin everything a politician's supporters say on the politician."


I heard a little bit of that hoffa "speech" on the radio and I thought he sounded drunk. But maybe that's how he talks, unless he is drunk all the time.


Yes it was retarded. But is anyone surprised that the right is outraged and the left is like whatever? Anyone? This happens with regularity on both sides. Completely insignificant. The election is over a friggin year away and this will happen again and again.


If the Tea Party made the same statement towards a Lefty, it would have been labeled a hate crime.


No shit.


Keep in mind that his father "Jimmy" was neck deep in organized crime. No doubt one of the reasons that he disappeared. My point is that's all some of these labor tough guys know- Smash em and bash em. Honest hard working democrats need to take a step back and ask themselves if this is the type of scum they want to be involved with.




Ha..Granted the democratic party constituency is made up of fringe entitlement groups. But there are some honest hard working democrats.




Undoubtably. Also the last people to see him alive were a couple of wiseguys from one of the families and the Chicago outfit. He's sleeping with the fishes.


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