This is my first year playing college hockey and I’m currently 3rd string goalie out of 5 goalies on the team. Right now I’m 6’3" @ 217 and while I easily have a much longer reach and take up alot more area than the other goalies I’m a bit slower. Since one is graduating this december I will be 2nd string and I’m really trying to steal the starting spot from the current goalie. I used to be interested in a powerlifting style workout but I really don’t think this will add functional muscle. Right now my lifts are 465-305-495 and i can clean and press 245. I really need a new workout to put on footspeed and increase my reaction time/quickness. Any suggestions?

Hi, there, Lumburjak. Since you have functional/sports-specific goals, I’d recommend your posting this message on Coach Davies’ forum; Renegade Revolution. That’s what Coach does, is help athletes improve their athletic performance.

I don’t have the best answer but you should check out some of charles poliquins workouts. He has worked with a lot of profesional hockey players and he should have some good stuff for you to check out.

any specific programs in mind gr8lake? I’ve been trying to incorporate alot of speed work/explosive movments into my workouts but I don’t really know what excercises to group with what days