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I have a question about hockey. We have a local team here. i think in the echl. Well anyway weve got one guy whos been playing forever. They brag that hes got like over 3000 penalty minutes. Why is that good? What good is it to be on the bench? You cant help your team from there?

Goldberg, with that many PIMs (penalty minutes), it’s probable that a lot of them are from fighting. Hockey is the only one of the 4 major North American pro sports where the role of ‘enforcer’ exists. When a team has an ‘enforcer’, it is thought that other teams will be less liberal with their cheap shots against that team’s star players. With 3000 PIMs, I would bet that the guy in your town is well-respected throughout the league. There’s been guys who are classless on the ice and rack up a lot of penalties, but they don’t last long enough to get 3000 minutes. What is the name of this guy?

Lol,is that why ppl love hockey?To see the enforcer!

I got ya. His name is jerome boom boom berchard. He got a penalty for fighting last night. Yeah he fights a lot.