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hockey training

Ok, good news. I set a goal this year to play for a junior A team called the Downriver Lumberjacks. Low and behold, at my game on Thursday there was a scout from the Lumberjacks present(or coach, I can’t remember which) and he called my coach after seeing the game and told him he wanted two numbers, 10 and 19, I’m 10. So thats great and all, but I still have a lot of work to do. What I would like to do is put on some mass, while also getting faster and more agile. Should I attempt to put on mass while doing plyometrics, medicine ball stuff, gpp, and whatever else? Or should I do the mass first, then work on all the conditioning and skill work? Also, if there are any other hockey players reading this, what are some good stickhandling drills to do? That is definately my weak point. Thanks for any replies, hope I do not sound too ignorant.

Do plyometrics, olympic style lifts, squats, bench and deads.

Mass can be good as long as it doesnt slow you down. You dont want to weight only 150 pounds.

Nervous system is important for strength, so heavy weights low reps, non to failure is good.

Oh my puck, I dont have any more time left to write this. Hope this helps!

Steve, do you live in Detroit?

Steve, email me directly and we can talk. this year Im helping to develop a hockey-specific training centre in London Ontario called Next Level Training. We already boast clients like Joe Thorton (we also have 10-12 NHL guys coming down each summer). In addition we are training Jr A and B players. We can help get you on track.