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Hockey pool

Well the seasons about to start and I am freakin excited. I want to start a testosterone hockey pool, so I am hoping some Canadians will come out of the woodwork and join in on the fun. Hell, even americans can join if they think they can hang :slight_smile: I am going to start up a yahoo pool tommorrow morning and post the details here so anyone who wants to can join up.
:slight_smile: Groove

I’m game.
I’ve never been involved with a sports pool before though.
Is it pretty easy?

Capitals win the cup.

Jager regains scoring touch, Ollie wins Vinenzia and a few unknown kids figure out how to play defense.

I actually gave up my season tickets this year…not enough winning to justify the $$$$

Im in, give me some details

dont post much but hey…a hockey pool will get me to post…im in.

my canadiens will suck this year but its ok…

the avalanche = an unstopable squad.

Ok the pool is set up. There is a maximum of 12 teams, 16 players per team so sign up fast if you want to play. There is a live draft on saturday october 4 at 2;30 PDT.
League ID# 62127
league name: Testosterone
League Password: Forum

Let the games begin
:slight_smile: Groove

sign sealed delivered baby i signed up

hope you all don’t mind losing


I’m game.

I’m in. It will give me another forum by which to bash all those silly Avs fans after their team tanks. :slight_smile:

Comeon guys, only got three teams so far
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How do I sign up

tonytriceps: go to yahoo and go to the sports section, then go to fantasy. Click on hockey and join the league I created, the info you’ll need is in an above post.
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Why would we Americans want to ‘hang’ with you Canadians?

We have our very own leagues thank you very much.