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Any of you hockey players out there use an easton synergy stick? I want to get one right now but they’re so expensive and im affraid of breaking them. They shoot so nice though and are so light. Any advice, Anything about the sticks you’d like to share? Thanks

I’ve used the synergy stick and didn’t think it was worth it. I live in Canada and the stick with tax is close to $300 bucks. I use the Koho Jagr stick and they work really well for me and the cost is about $20. If I break one it is no big deal. So for me it is and will always be wood sticks, because I can get a good slap shot and wrist shot with a wood stick.

One thing I noticed with the Synergy was that my wrist shot was weaker than a wood stick. Don’t know why though??

Your wrist shot was weaker, no way. Theres so much snap on those sticks, it allows such a quick shot. I love taking wrist shots and snap shots with the synergy. If anything the slapshot might be a little weaker but i dont think that that is the case. I havent broken mine yet, but I know they break quite frequently in the NHL.

I saw this topic on Sportsnet last night and they said that the sticks don’t break any more often (in fact less so) than normal sticks. The reason they break so often on the ice is because unlike the old wooden sticks, you can’t tell if it has been damaged by a slash etc. With the old wooden sticks they just throw them out after a shift if they see that it had a deformation or crack, but not anymore because they can’t tell there is anything wrong with those new sticks until they just snap…

I have been using a Synergy for about 4 Years now and have probably gone through upwards for 12 of them. Always have used the 100 Flex Modano. The shot you get with it is amazing and the only thing that compares with it is using a Focus Flex blade with a Z-bubble or Ultra Light, which is also up there in Price, and has a slightly different Kick point. There is no way your shot can be slower with a Synergy than with an Wood stick. You just havent matched the flex and curve to your shooting pattern or you havent “broken in the stick” yet. I usually find that right out of the box my wrist shot is much harder than the older synergy that I was using, but my slap shot is not as hard. After a couple of practices though you the slapshot gets harder and the wrist shot goes back to wear it was on the last model. I think this is probably just because they gain a fair amount of whippiness after some shooting.

Oh yeah, I almost never break them completely, what usually happens is that they get small cracks in the middle of the blade which renders them pretty useless. If you were so inclined you can saw of the blade and still use the shaft with either a T-Flex blade or a regular blade depending on how far up the shaft you want to cut the blade off

I feel your pain man.

I was tempted a few times. There are some good alternatives right now. I bought a Mission Dangler for $80 CAD and then put an Easton Graphite Blade in it. I find there are some definite durability improvements over the synergy and it performs better than a wood stick.

There’s one thing to remember about the Synergy’s. Easton came out with a Graphite T-Flex type of blade, so the hosel is tapered to about half of a normal replacement blade. This means that you can put one of the tapered hosel graphite blades in your synergy, assuming it breaks in an appropriate manner.

If I was going to buy a one peice graphite stick, I’d buy Mission though. This shaft I’ve had has won in a head to head durability test. An believe me, the guy with the Synergy was something pissed when his stick broke and mine didn’t. Sometimes you just gotta get the puck out.

Consider the graphite shaft and Graphite blade option. That way, if the blade breaks, you still have the shaft and vice versa. I break a lot of sticks, but haven’t had an issue since I switched to the Graphite Mission shaft and Graphite Easton blade. Knock on wood.

Just make sure you get a slightly more flexible shaft to account for the much more rigid blade.

I broke an old Cooper stick a few weeks ago and I have to get a new one
There is a movie being filmed here in Calgary called “Chicks with sticks” (they are talking about changing the name.)
On Fri I am going to be on set playing a girl trying out for the team in the movie and I think they were talking about having these sticks on set.

Hey what about the blades that you don’t need to sharpen any one have um?
I have heard that they are lighter but not as good as normal blades.

Any one?

I bought one today, the yellow grip 110 flex iginla. The thing shoots awsome. I am also covered if it breaks basically two times no matter how long it takes. I can’t give my secret away though. Two thumbs up to a great stick. Might cop another one one day if i got some extra cash for a back up.

I dont think cooper makes sticks anymore as they went out of business. And the M1 is nowhere near as good as the synergy. IMO.

I know the secret. Yes there are many ways to get around that…hahah…As a roller hockey player prior to being an ice hockey player I have much love for Mission, but their sticks suck ass.

Louisville Response Rubber whip flex Tkachuk curve oh baby I love it. Just broke today though after about a month. =(

when i dick around with non-goalie sticks during practice i really like those old all wood sherwood 5030 coffey curve, they’re cheap too.

i was a sherwood user before this but the sticks break every 8-10 times i use them. also the sherwoods i liked were 40 bucks so its not that cheap for a woodie. i used the stick tonight, my wrist and snap shot are out of control (good) and my slap is as good as it has always been. great buy.

Unless you play hockey at a moderately high level or are independently wealthy, I don’t see the point in a synergy stick. Some of the guys I play with on our fire dept. leauge have em and while they’ve noticed some increase in shot velocity, I don’t believe it’s significant enough to justify paying the price to use it in a recreational league. Unless I’m mistaken, I have’nt noticed any NHL scouts in the stands watching us at any point. I also see many parents buying them for their kids, which I think is a huge mistake as I think there is some merit to the arguement that they will hamper the shooting development of kids. I’m more than happy with the power and velocity I can access through any old $25 twig and have no desire to even try a synergy stick. Besides, my old man would laugh me right out of the house if he ever heard I paid $200-$300 for a hockey stick. Either that or he would smack me right in the squash and I can’t say as I would blame him.

it’s 150 for the stick in the states. i play college hockey and my shot is Much better with this stick than it has ever been. if your play rec. then stay with your 25 buck twig, on a more competetive level use something better.

Who do you play hockey for?

It’d be nice if I had the $$ to shell out for one of those Synergy sticks. I’d like to try it out. I don’t play that much anymore, so it isn’t really worth it for me.

I was always a fan of Branches and Kitchners. :slight_smile:

If you are playing college hockey your sticks should be provided for you and price should’nt be an issue

sticks aren’t provided. Almost everything else is. Reason being that some people get a new stick every 2-3 weeks. Wouldn’t be too cost effective for the university.